I can't believe I'm writing this today. I'm the most sentimental, nostalgic person around. I live my life by memories of the past. However, I have decided that I've had enough of the Perk discussion. Like Momma Gump said, "You've got to put the past behind you before you can move on." Although there is a chance someday Perk will be back in green, the reality is that he is probably gone for good. We can either sulk and talk about the what ifs, or we can move on with the players we have. 

The problem the Celtics have right now is they don't give a crap. Rondo is a shell of himself. I don't care if your best friend got traded. You're a professional basketball player. Deal with it and start playing with passion again. You are awesome at life, start acting like it.

Jeff Green is better than he has shown. I watched him live last night and the guy definitely has game, he's just not a perfect fit for this system.  We may want to put him in with the starters more. Shaq's absence has obviously been huge.  For anyone who didn't expect this type of thing to happen you are living in a dream world. We need Shaq for 15-18 minutes to grab boards and defend. Call me a dreamer but I think he can do it.

At the end of the day what do we get out of discussing the what ifs? It's over, the deal is done. I read something about comparing Perk to an ex-girlfriend. Well, we all know reminiscing about the good old days with your ex isn't healthy and neither is this. We are Celtics fans first, not Perk fans. I miss Perk as much as anyone else and wish him the best. We can get comfort knowing he's in a better situation now with a young, up and coming Thunder team. Let it go people. I still believe in Banner 18, do you?

Karl Dillinger 4/12/2011 10:17:00 AM Edit
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  1. Bence(Hungary) says:

    You're absolutely right.This is what I've been talking about for weeks.Deal with this problem guys if u want to win!!!Perk's gone but you're there(can't be seen sometimes :S)
    It's all about 18?Or isn't it?

  2. Dillinger, this is the best article you've ever written. I'm actually impressed.

    However to answer your question, no, there's no Banner 18 happening this year. Nor any other year for the next 10 years.

  3. Linson says:

    "Larry Bird is not walking through that door, fans. Rasheed Wallace is not walking through that door, Kendrick Perkins is not walking through that door."

  4. Anonymous says:

    Jeff Green will be a starter for the Celtics; maybe not by next season, but definatly in 2012. Now we need Bradley to have confidence and develop; he will be good, but as 2 guard. Regardless he could come off the bench and provide T Allen's d fence. Delonte stays; we have to draft a SG scorer; sign a strong PF that can score and a C that can d fend. PP will come off the bench and still provide a lot for the Cs; up until his retirement ceremony!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Big Babe needs to play in the paint a bit more. He is starting to remind me of Mark Blount. Go grab a freaking rebound out there!

  6. MLB says:

    YOu are absolutely right! We are not playing with passion. Rondo needs to be the incredible player he can be. KG and Ray seem to be the only ones right now playing with all they have to offer! Norman, you may be right, we may not make it past the Knicks (IMO), but I expect them to play like they want it.

  7. andy r says:

    They are inconsistent right now and the fact remains that Danny adjusted for what was hopefully to be a strong playoff run and he protected the team with Perk potentially not signing. People need to get a life. The only bad signing was Jermain O'Neal.

  8. ThaNoS says:

    Do you believe in 18 ? Is that a real question ?

    HELL I DO ! ! !

    I am a celtics fan and trust in my team is encoded in my DNA. I dont care even if we finish 6th seed, and if all the other teams are actually better. I will always believe we can do it.

    I am Greek and the usually terrible Greeks actually beat everyone to get the Euro at 2004. I mean like EVERYONE.
    This makes me believe even the impossible.

  9. Hilary says:

    Well said!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Well said!

  11. Anonymous says:

    I believe in Banner 18!!!

  12. Patti says:


  13. coco says:

    absolutely agree Karl! We have to accept things that we cannot change. It's all water under the bridge now. Now let's move on and get our Banner 18!

  14. Anonymous says:

    I absolutely agree in Banner 18 and to be honest, was not a huge JO fan, but was at the game last night in DC and I have to say, I was very impressed with his game and the amount of time he played. We can do this, I miss Perk alot too, was in tears for days after the trade, but we did it while he was still injured. Pick your heads up, get your act together and get out there and play CELTICS BALL!!!! Also, Jeff Green was great, we need to toughen up on defense and offensive rebounding....

  15. I believe in Banner 18 but my question right now is do the Celtics? The way they have been playing I really wonder. Against the Bulls and Heat, 2 HUGE games, they sleepwalked through the games. I started feeling that maybe I care more about winning the games than they do. Hopefully they can get it together with rest and a playoff mindset.

    That being said, I have been a Celtics fan for over 40 years through the good and the bad. I never really got attached to any player in all those years but I did to Perk. Not sure what there was about him but I just love the kid. I've been watching the Thunder games and am fast becoming a Thunder fan. I'll never give up on my Celtics. It's in my DNA as ThaNoS said. But I'm really impressed with the Thunder. Danny did Perk a favor by trading him there. They are a team with nice young players with character and Perk fits perfectly. I've also been impressed with Thunder fans. I've been visiting their message boards and they seem to be very down to earth and friendly fans who love their team and they have embraced Perk completely, something that a lot of Celtics fans failed to do. I'm happy for Perk and will always be a big Perk fan and will follow him on the Thunder and will root for him. If the Thunder and Celtics meet up, I'd have to root for the Celtics. I never really watched the Thunder before but love what they have going there.

    I'm really hoping the Celtics can get their chemistry back. It wasn't just the Perk trade that threw them off. Danny traded 1/3 of the team. And a couple of the players he brought in after trading guys aren't as good as the ones he traded. The team is trying to work in 5 new players, not just one. And to make it harder, they haven't had very many practices and so the new guys have had to learn on the fly. They have to find chemistry with FIVE new players. As I said, I hope rest for the starters and a chance to get in some good practices will turn the tide and the team will come out strong for the playoffs. They've made it harder on themselves by giving up home court in all but the opening series. But they proved last year they could win without home court. Hopefully they can do it again.

  16. Anonymous says:

    cmon guys let's get behind our team
    they need us as much as we need them

    the season's ending and there's no more reason to talk about trades or what's wrong this guy or what's wrong with that guy
    it's time to get the banner and let the rest of the shit go


  17. Anonymous says:


  18. Anonymous says:

    Someone needs to teach Delonte West how to weight train! The guy is good but he gets hurt all the time because he's a scrawny wuss. When he is in the flow what a difference it makes. Last night he was 11, 5 and 5 before he got hurt in the first half and might have scored 20 to 25 and had a triple double if he had some muscle on him. If you watch the C's they struggle with injuries because they don't attack the weights. They got heart but no brawn! That's why Perk is such a loss. He actually had some girth and muscle. Luckily Shaq has size and aged strength.Someone should sit down and give Kristic and J o'neal some legal steroids or something and explain that they have the size of D Howard and heart but need to bulk up so they can rip the boards away from the other team. If they did we would walk past Miami and out fight Chicago no problem.!

  19. Anonymous says:

    too much KFC's

  20. .chuckT. says:

    Great article Karl.
    This is perfect for all of the people who keep blaming our struggles on the Perk t**de.

    I still believe in Banner 18. I still believe Shaq and Jermaine will be there for us throughout our title run. I still believe we are the team to beat in the East.

    [Norman, why do you even come to this site? Stay on Lakers Nation - fuckin rudygay ass..] LOL =D


  21. Anonymous says:

    At the end of the day all of these guys are human. Maybe they will be able to win it all and maybe they wont. I believe its deeper things that are going on with the team. So instead of bashing them on here how about we do positive tributes to each player especially for rondo n paul im worried about those two the most.

  22. Jay says:

    Everyone above has hit on the main points. I'm a Celts fan of 40 yrs and used to work for theteam in the 1980's. What we've seen with Rondo is the vets do a better job of separating the business aspect of the game from the personal friendships. Problem is, Rondo is the engine of this team - make NO mistake.

    The Perk deal was basicly ownership telling Ainge to get some "value" for Perk's salary. But lets be honest... the Celts were trying to trade Perk to Sacramento over the Summer with a 1st round pick for DeMarcus Cousins. Once that deal fell through the Celts released Perks' longtime mentor & bigman coach Clifford Ray. DIDN'T THAT SEEM STRANGE TO ANYBODY IN BOSTON?? I live in Hawaii now, but that was a major red flag to me that Perk was not going to be kept. Why would they keep Clifford Ray when they had bigmen like the O'neals & KG, and Semih Erden wasn't even signed for an NBA contract?? The Celtics dissed Perk by not offering him a respectble extension BEFORE Oct. 31st. The offer he turned down in Feb. was the max the Celts could offer him in his free agent season per the Collective Bargaining Agreement. This is EXACTLY the same situation the Fakers faced 2 years ago with Andrew Bynum. He was young & prone to leg injuries but LA signed him to the full 4-yr extension. The Celtics got cheap. On top of that they let go some key chemistry guys in Semih & Nate and refused to re-sign Chris Johnson. BTW, that kid looks pretty good playing for the Blazers. The other questionable part of the trade was both players coming from OKC are free agents July 1st! (Green restricted) Given that KG is entering his final year, Ray & Shaq hold player options, Big Baby is a Free Agent..... and the NBA is enterring a possible Strike season... why would you make such a stupid deal??

    MONEY. That is the only sensible answer.

    I love the Celtics and still believe they can win #18 this year, but Danny & Doc had better get Shaq on the floor soon or else they will be looking for jobs. Can you imagine the standing Ovation Perk is going to receive the next time he plays in the Boston Garden??

  23. Rondo 9 says:

    As Celtic fans we cant keep cryng about Perk...i read that he showed up to OKC practice and had green shoes on and he threw them right away and then they had a green medicine ball and he refused to use it he said the color green is the last thing he wants to think about...obviously Perk doesnt care about Ainge or Boston anymore so quit feeling sorry for him because he doesnt care about us!

  24. Bohemian says:

    Very good article, Karl.

    And yes, I believe. We will smash those Knicks in 4-5 games

  25. Anonymous says:

    I still miss him. If Perk had been healthy last year for game 7, i know we would already have 18 championships. You can say that you're getting over it, but i cant. And no i disagree with what you said that hes probably gone for good. He loved it here and was crying when he left. So i really think at some time in his career he will be back.

  26. I still love and miss Perk. That's why I am still rooting for him on the Thunder. He's still my favorite player and always will be. And the more I watch the Thunder the more I like that team.

  27. And I think Danny's biggest mistake was signing Troy Murphy instead of Leon Powe. Powe is playing great and could be a factor. Troy is... well... Troy.

  28. Bohemian says:

    You have to understand the Murphy signing though. Troy has been a very good player in this league, and to be fair he has played much better than Leon. So in terms of talent, you have to choose Murphy.

    That said, maybe Leon was a better fit. He knew the system and he could have added some inside presence that for now Murphy hasn't been able to offer.

    So yes, Leon would be a better fit now considering how little Murphy has added (or being allowed to add, since Doc hasn't played him much also)

  29. ThomasJ says:

    One point that must be made is the Perk talk isn't crying or getting personal or sentimental, at least by me.

    It's strictly about winning a championship THIS SEASON as the window begins to close for this team. There is no way that trade, or the other moves, improved the Celtic chances to win it this season after a great start that made us favorites. I feel cheated out of the chance to see the core guys get redemption for last season's game 7. I'm not saying the team didn't have flaws, but if you aren't making a great improvement - don't mess with CHEMISTRY.

    And yes Troy has been a very good player in this league - the key words being "has been".

  30. JR says:

    Well said ThomasJ

  31. Bohemian says:

    Lol, if he has been that also means (grammatically speaking) that he still is ;) I didn't say "he was" :P

  32. Three Toe says:

    good stuff Karl. The time for criticism has passed. We've all come to the point where in our own clueless heads, we've blamed who and what we think is at fault for the poor record as of late. now it is time to move on, and if you ask me, this feels a lot like last april.

  33. perk is a beast says:

    we are moving on
    just we are moving in the wrong direction

  34. ThomasJ says:

    Not saying we can't make a deep run, but it doesn't feel at all like last April - loss of swagger/attitude and chemistry that gave them that psychological edge and that aura of toughness.

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