I've learned something these first 2 playoff games: the Celtics aren't winning the championship this season.  See I didn't really think that around mid-February.  But a certain trade killed the morale of this team.

These first two games have been utterly pathetic.  There was a point in the 3rd quarter last night where Carmelo Anthony was on the floor with Bill Walker, Ronny Turiaf, Tony Douglas and Landry Fields.  I'll repeat that cast for you: Walker, Turiaf, Douglas and Fields.  No Stoudemire.  No Billups.  Roger Mason Jr and Jarred Jeffries would  then check in the game as subs.   Same with Anthony Carter.  And the Knicks were hanging around.

The Celtics should've had a 20 point lead, instead they were being played evenly.  In the biggest stage of the season, the switch hadn't been flipped yet.

4th quarter, Carmelo still continued to play 1 on 5.  And it didn't matter.  Because the Knicks would actually take the lead.  Remember Carmelo Anthony's not Michael Jordan.  He's not even LeBron James or Bean.  Where was the Celtics defense to collapse on him?  With no Stoudemire or Billups it should've been easy.  Really easy.  But it was a struggle.  A huge struggle.

It's blatant to me this team's mojo is gone.  The playoffs have started and the flip hasn't switched.  They don't get the consecutive stops they need to push out the lead.  After these first 2 games, I'm now expecting this series to go the full 7 games.  Before it started I picked the Celtics in 5.

I have little confidence in Jermaine O'Neal or Shaq both being able to contribute for the rest of the playoffs.  I have no confidence in Krstic, Davis or Green coming up with a big rebound.  They get pounded on the glass.  If the Celtics can't get big stops against a team with one offensive threat, how far can they really go?

If the Celtics want to prove me that these two games were an aberration, they'll come out and put a whooping  on NY this Friday at MSG.  Unfortunately I don't see that happening.

No one's a bigger Celtics fan than me.  But I've seen enough of these new Celtics to realize this season's not ending with Banner 18.  Not unless something changes dramatically.

tb727 4/20/2011 09:57:00 AM Edit
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Great article I agree, and so does Wojo:

    "Yes, this was a gallant performance out of Anthony, out of these undermanned Knicks. The Celtics aren’t playing well now. They’ve executed in the final minutes, survived Games 1 and 2, but they’ll probably come back to Boston for Game 5 with the series 2-2."


  2. Norman D says:

    Wow TB, you finally get it!! Best and most truthful article you've ever written.

    This team is a catastrophe right now. They're playing like bums. This will definitely go 7 games and I'm not sure the Celtics will even win the series. Won't be surprised if they lose with the way their playing right now.

    No doubt about it this series is tied 2-2 after Sunday

  3. Anonymous says:

    Wow Debbie Downers

  4. Karl says:

    The rebounding has been terrible but I still have faith. I think they need to start Jeff Green. He needs more minutes to be affective.

  5. Norman D says:

    Start Jeff Green? Wtf is WRONG with you Karl? Why would you reward someone who has been horrendous? He adds nothing. He can't defend 3s or 4s. He can't rebound to save his fucking life. Him and Glen Davis on the floor together = the Knicks becoming the Lakers in Game 7 of the Finals last year.

    Do the Knicks have length? Not at all. If Jeff Green can't get fucking rebounds against them who will he? Jeffries and Bill fucking Walker pushed him around.

    There's absolutely no way whatsoever Jeff Green should start. He should be getting DNP-CDs because of what an atrocity he is. He brings no value and is a waste of life. And you're just incredibly confused for thinking that.

  6. DH says:

    If JO is injured, I agree with Karl. Start Jeff Green at the 4 and KG at the 5.

    If GSP had attended the past 2 games, he probably would have said "I am not impressed by your performance." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gX3sEGtG8mQ

  7. Anonymous says:

    look at you all giving up on faith already i wont be surprised if Celtics go in to MSG and give them a march 31 game again yal just have to wait and see the outcome

  8. Anonymous says:

    7 game series indeed. Carmelo or Amare catch fire in Game 7. Celtics lose series. The end.

  9. Jenda says:

    Had no idea who GSP is. DH and her martial art links. lol
    At first I was quite surprised that there isn't any anonymous comment saying you are an idiot and you are a Lakers fan. Then I remembered the recognition you are getting through WTHHTs.
    Anyway, losing Perk brings you this exactly. I didn't think C's were good rebounding team last season and it went straight to shitcreek with trading away #43.
    There's still hope if a) Shaq gets motivated because the whole season he resembled JO rather than Man of Steel,
    b) the whole team gets pissed of and starts showing some will to win they lacked since allstar break.
    Goddammit, we all miss Perk but not getting banner 18 isn't going to make it better!

  10. RoswellSounds says:

    Games 1&2 were an aberration. First half of game one (and the whole second match) could easily qualify for the dubious honor of the "Worst game of the Season".

    Still, this is only the beginning. But I can´t stop thinking that something is abscent in this Team. Don´t care... Like a true Celtic fan, I´m not giving up on our guys. They´re going to kill us and eat us raw to take our team off these playoffs!

    "Never despir. Never Surrender..."
    -Rorschach ("Watchmen" graphic novel)

  11. Anonymous says:

    That Anthony carter-david west picture is great lol

  12. Anonymous says:

    Dude, Anthony Carter is really good! What do you like the Lakers or something?

  13. Tim says:

    All I have to say is wow. Were playing without Shaq and still beating the best pure scorer in the NBA

  14. boyd says:

    I'm agree with Tim if we won playing bad,if we play well we will destroy them!
    rondo day by day seem returned to the last playoff days and it's a huge factor. think positive

  15. Anonymous says:

    I try to remain optimistic, but we struggle to put points on the board for long stretches and then we get out rebounded. We'll beat the Knicks, but it's going to be tough against Miami because they have two scorers who can score at will. If we go cold and they keep scoring, it'll take a lot out of the Big 3 to bring us back.

  16. Three Toe says:

    the trend in the last few years: play the knicks close, and barely make it through the first round of the playoffs.

    The rebounding has to improve though, which is why Shaq is so important. He doesnt need to finish alley-oop passes, though he seems to feel the urge. He just needs to be the big inside presence and snatch up boards on both ends

    JO needs to do the same thing (but his big inside presence is figurative, with blocks and charges), and to his credit, he has more or less.

    And Krystic... he's an OK rebounder who never gives himself the chance to get any cause he's a bad post defender who gives up lay-ups. I don't know how many times have i've seen this: Krystic's guarding someone in the post. Some guard trots along the middle of the arc with the ball. Krystic leaves his man to disrupt the upcoming screen but goes so far that he's out in no-man's-land. the guard with the ball just passes to krystic's man who's open under the basket and krstic, being at halfcourt like patrick ewing in the 4th quarter, can't get back to him before the layup.

    TB, that thing that needs to change dramatically is big-guy play and availability. these are the guys who should be getting most of the rebounds and working to keep opponents from driving right to the basket, not to mention getting in there on offense. Melo is going to score, he's tall and just really good. Pierce could have done a better job on him, but if the rebounding was close (and not blaming the refs, but if the knicks didnt have 11 more FTA) this would have been a much easier game. If these guys don't get healthy and play well, then we are screwed, the teams ahead of the knicks all rebound better than the knicks.

  17. 623baller says:

    yea.........celtics is not playing celtics ball out there man

    the first two games are some what of a joke

    i hope they finally flip the switch since we have the toughest road to the finals and banner 18 this season

    biggest issues remains rebounding and getting stops which is suppose to be celtics strength

    not really seeing energy off the bench either, too many defensive mistakes. this is where the trade is hurting now

  18. tb727 says:

    That's a valid point ThreeToe, but I still can't get over the competition that they played down to. Jared Jeffries? Bill Walker? Shawne Williams? Roger Mason Sr's son?

    I mean these guys are ALL fringe NBA players.

  19. Three Toe says:

    We are playing down, but they are playing up too. It's as if the perfect storm has hit us as we slump and they get hot. I don't expect it to continue, but our slump is sure not going to get better by itself. Krystic needs to find a time machine back to last February, Green has to find a time machine forward to whenever the hell he gets consistent, and the team defense needs to remember how important it is. I mean, sure don't collapse too much on the Knicks because of their threes, but with the guys out there you mentioned and Carmello, I think the strategy should have been obvious.

    One thing we need is KG in the post more. He's one of our best rebounders, leave the long jumpers to PP, Ray and Rondo when open. KG's jumper should take a backseat to some post moves, his great interior passing ability, and some rebounding. Then maybe our centers might take a hint.

  20. Imran says:

    I agree that the celtics aren't playing championship ball, but to blame the trade isn't fair. Rebounding is an effort thing. Especially against a more atheltic but probably smaller team. Perk got 5 rebounds a game so that probably wouldn't have made much of a difference. Instead of questioning the trade we should question the effort of our players. I reckon if we get past the knicks everyone will step it up cause it's miami. Hopefully it's not too late then

  21. Anonymous says:

    All of you don't get it... This is exactly what we needed on the first round before playing Miami in the second. Philadelphia would not have pushed us to our limit, and we would have struggled against the Heat and going forward. but the way NY is pushing us, I have a good feeling going forward!. I am a Celtic for life..... I will never disbelieve in my team... NEVER,

  22. Norman - at least we are winning - unlike your Lakers..
    So back the fuck off you damn idiot. You need to be worrying why LA cant stop CP3.lol
    C's win this series in 4-5 games. Point Blank.

    I swear it makes no sense at all to me how someone hates the Celtics so much, but takes time out of every day to visit a CELTICS site and talk so much G*d damn nonsense. I dont know what the hell is wrong w/Norman - but he is a mother fuckin dumbass. Norman, i wish you the worst. Seriously.

  23. Anonymous says:

    carmelo anthony is a better offensive player than lebron james. i was not surprised at all to see him perform the way he did. great offense can always beat great defense.

  24. Karl says:

    I just think Jeff Green is the type of player that needs to start to be effective. Some people are meant to come off the bench, some aren't. Why not at least try it?

  25. Anonymous says:

    Guys, we're up 2-0 and we're the Celtics. We have 4 All-Stars at the end of every game on the floor. I think we will sweep NY.

  26. Anonymous says:

    i can't stand articles like this--they're nothing but knee jerk reactions based on zero intelligent evidence. you know why carmelo had a great game? not because our "mojo is gone," but because he's carmelo. he was making very tough shots, not lay ups, not dunks, but tough, hand-in-his-face shots. you're right, they played poorly, but it's been two games and you're ready to give up on them. some fan.

  27. Beantown says:

    I gotta say, all the negativity after this win is depressing. You'd think Boston fans would be happy that we're up 2-0, we took care of business at home and now we're about to go into NY and hopefully split so we can finish them off next Tuesday. But there's so much negativity, it's really sad to see actually. I've been a fan of the Celtics through all the bad times and I don't take for granted the fact that the Big 3 aren't going to be around for more than another 2 years so I think everyone ought to take a look at what we have here and appreciate it. Anything can happen, everyone counted the Celtics out last year, especially around here and they walked through the east to get to the finals.

    I'm not crazy about the fact that we're going to face Miami and/or Chicago without homecourt advantage but this is the situation we're faced with so we have to embrace the team and support them, there's no going back now.

  28. tb727 says:

    Last anonymous, "zero intelligent evidence"? Did you watch the last two games? Do you see the players the Knicks have on the floor?

    I never knew one-man teams should be able to compete against "championship" level teams. Bottom line it should'nt be happening. But it is.

    I'm ecstatic the Celtics are up 2-0 but they could easily be split or down 0-2. And for a team that's supposed to go so far, that's really concerning, especially when the team in the next round can actually field a competent 5 man team.

    The Knicks were like 5 games under .500 with about 9 to go before ending the season winning a lot of games against crap teams. They're basically a 500 team at best.

    But then again that's what the Celtics have been the last 21 games, or just 15-12 since the wonderful trade of the soul of this team, Kendrick Perkins.

    Stop saying who is a fan and who isn't because objectivity is a fan's prerogative.

  29. Very brief summary:

    If Shaq doesn't return, we're not winning Banner 18.

    If Shaq returns, despite all this doubt, we're very very serious contenders.

  30. Franc says:

    The HEAT are gonna sweep the old Celtics! Riley is also planning on a Rondo trade. Your time is over.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Celtics fans overreacting again. What's new?

    Go Celtics!

  32. Anonymous says:

    To all u band wagon heat and knicks fans, u guys should be the last to pass judgement on any time. Heat fans especially; didn't the bulls make u cry? Haha

  33. Vasil Dyulgerov says:

    Tottaly agree whit "shelbyl" , after all the rebounding win games and titles , game 7 was year was the proof ...

  34. JR says:

    Well to me in the playoffs a win is a win. I'd rather us play unimpressive and be up 2-0 then be impressive and tied 1-1 or down 0-2. The worst thing to come out of the last 24 hrs is that JO got hurt again and there are rumors Shaq is done for the playoffs.

    TB totally should write a post like this if he feel like it. You don't have to be all rah rah to be a "real fan." Pierce was also "unimpressed" by yesterday's game fwiw.

    Personally I'd be rather shocked if this series goes more than 5. We might sweep imho.

  35. Patti says:

    Right, a win is a win. I agree the Celts could be playing better but I see the flashes of greatness still there, and we are only in round 1. Let's take it one game at a time, and keep hope alive. I never say never with our team--we can always do the impossible. GOOOOO CELTICS!

  36. Anonymous says:

    tb727, Perkins was not the soul of this team. To suggest that is ridiculous. He was a well-liked teammate and great defender on a close-knit team. The Celts have been playing poorly since the Perkins trade, but you cannot show any causation. Repeat after me, "correlation does not necessarily imply causation". You may say that the Knicks are only a .500 team, but they were also a team that was winning coming into the playoffs. They were a team that had new pieces come to them over the break. You cannot compare the Knicks from April 19th to the Knicks pre-Melo. You may not even be able to compare them to the 10-15 games post-Melo trade.

    Perk's rebounds per game has never been higher than 8.1 so please let us not pretend that he is Moses Malone on the boards.

    What we do know, however, is that the Knicks are an offensive team. A team that has been held to less than 100 points in 2 games.

    It is blatant to me that when people cannot explain things rationally, they make up things like mojo to explain it.

  37. Bohemian says:

    I respect everyone's opinion but to me it is too soon to write the C's off.
    In game 1 they did show much of the Celtics identity in the second half. This was due to the presence of JO in the middle (a tough C who blocks was needed since Perkins left), a better Rondo and the renaissance of Ray Allen.
    In game 2, we ran out of gas at the end because of poor player movement. Again no JO and poor rebounding, and Rondo became more predictable. Hey, we won and we played really hard. In fact, no Billups and no Amare was the reason why Carmelo was on fire...he had nothing to lose and he was very lucky. Green got in foul trouble and Pierce couldn't handle him.

    This team is slowly finding their playoffs rhythm and I think they will get better in the next games.

    I still believe and this team has showed me it is still a strong minded squad.

    We will get number 18.

  38. Bohemian says:

    sorry, I meant poor BALL movement on game 2

  39. tb727 says:

    Last anonymous, the Knicks technically lost their last 2 coming into the playoffs, and while they did win 7 of their last 10, four of those 7 were against the likes of NJ twice, Cleveland and Toronto. Right before that they lost 8 of their last 9. That's a record of 9-11 in their last 20 games. What other sample are you supposed to base it on?

    Are you suggesting the Knicks came into the playoffs and flipped their own switch, and suddenly become a serious title threat? Now that's rational!!

    I never claimed Perkins was Moses Malone. But he also ate up space, and many people have argued that if he played in Game 7 last year (which coincidentally the Celtics were murdered on the boards) vs the Flakers that Boston would've won. You can correlate that however you'd like.

    I'll take the fact I watched 2 games where the Celtics played a shitty team, barely won both times, and people think they're playing at a championship level? Give me a break.

    Outside of Carmelo, not one guy playing on the Knicks last night would be a rotation player on the 2008 Hawks, a team that played the Celtics tough.

    I'm sorry but Anthony Carter is beyond washed-up. Bill Walker's done nothing in his career. Shawne Williams was out of the league last year. Ronny Turiaf did very little on a horrendous Golden St team last year. Fields is wildly overrated because he plays in NY. Jeffries wasn't even a rotation player on the Rockets this year, who MISSED the playoffs out west!

    They are a HORRENDOUS collection of basketball players and I'm not buying they got to the playoffs and all of a sudden can go toe-to-toe with the Celts. Many people were hoping the Celtics would play the Knicks instead of Philly because of how much more cohesive and dangerous Philly is. Take a look at their roster too if you'd like.

    If the Celtics have any hope of making it past the next round they'll have to play A LOT better than they have. They've been very fortunate.

    BTW, give a name "anonymous" is pretty lame ;)

  40. Anonymous says:

    i'm not disputing that the celtics have played poorly--they definitely have. but for you to just conclude after two playoff games that they're not winning the chip this year is ridiculous.

  41. Norman D says:

    Sometimes, when it's late at night, I dress up like Donna Summers. I put on the skirt, and the four inch heels...I love it. Last chance, for romance, for love...

  42. tb727 says:

    I said: "But I've seen enough of these new Celtics to realize this season's not ending with Banner 18. Not unless something changes dramatically."

    So I guess we were agreeing all along lol.

  43. Norman D says:

    I've apparently made such a profound impact on this site, that some jerkoff has taken the time to copy my Blogger name and image. That's about as cool as the sun.

    You can be sued for defamation of character if I had the initiative to pursue it.

    Grow up losers, get a life.

  44. Anonymous says:

    i agree with this article except for the fact that i am sick and tired of hearing about what a god perkins was. i was at the game when they played the suns in phoenix, perkins played and the suns had about 5000 layups!! perk did nothing but take up space!

    ainge did what he thought was best based upon several factors and perkin's health and wanting to test the market were big contributing factors. we needed offense and ainge took a gamble, but to suggest as one idiot did that ainge's nr would never hang from the rafters??? your nr hangs based upon your playing, not making gm decisions!

    in addition, i watched many games when perkins was back this year and they could have gone either way at the end and we were nothing but damned lucky to win them, just like these 2 so don't just look at the record.

    i liked perk too but you have to try and improve your team and you that blast the perkins trade have the benefit of the rear view mirror, but i guess that's why you are bloggers and not basketball execs.

    i'll take ainges gm decisions over any media pundits anyday, he won us a championship not long ago you might remember!

  45. Anonymous says:

    Wow you guys have a lot of faith...i love this website because its all about the celtics and now your talking trash about them? WTF?!
    They have a chance so shut up

  46. ThomasJ says:

    I agree with tb and this is not a 'knee-jerk reaction', I've felt this way since Perk was traded. It was clear from the moment the trade occured, just on paper, this did not improve the teams chances this season and it's even more obvious as the games were played. I fail to see this building a contender beyond the big threes time, either.

    Perk wasn't a god or the soul of the team by himself. He was part of that soul, heart, and core that Danny broke up for what? He should have demanded Ibaka as part of the deal or not made it.

    Toughness, swagger and chemistry aren't found in Perk's individual stats but were a big reason this team won a championship and never lost a playoff series with that core intact. You can be a true fan and still be realistic and objective.

  47. Anonymous says:

    man i cant believe yall i understand perk is gone and everythin but mel is a great scorer u heard doc say wen its time we will double team until then no n wen it was time we did it same with amare we stopped him yall have faith, i swear i hate bandwagon fans only there for the good but dont wanna be there for the struggles

  48. yeah so it was a horrible game for the Celtics, so your saying we cant compete with other teams with this kind of play? nah, everyone in the C's roster wasn't impressed also, and so to think of it that they played badly, do you think they would still play that way, they have practices bro, i am sure the next game at MSG will be great, you'll see again how rondo does it whenever his teams needs him, and the veterans will likely step up, this was never built on the role players but the all-stars, and im not saying fuck the bench players, we still have BigBaby, some of the best players in the, i know doc has this all figured out, by that time the rotation will be awesome again, and by that time i think Green, Kristic, and the others will be on their game, i will never give up on the Celtics, celtics pride, celtics nation, celtics all the way....

  49. yeah so it was a horrible game for the Celtics, so your saying we cant compete with other teams with this kind of play? nah, everyone in the C's roster wasn't impressed also, and so to think of it that they played badly, do you think they would still play that way, they have practices too bro, i am sure the next game at MSG will be great, you'll see again how rondo does it whenever his teams needs him, and the veterans will likely step up, this team was never built on the role players but the all-stars, and im not saying fuck the bench players, we still have BigBaby, some of the best players in the league, i know doc has this all figured out, by that time the rotation will be awesome again, and by that time i think Green, Kristic, and the others will be on their game, i will never give up on the Celtics, celtics pride, celtics nation, celtics all the way....

  50. ronit07 says:

    I had a feeling that when we traded perk,it would come to haunt us back.I think now is the time for every celtic to look at themselves on a mirror and think what can I do to help my team or atleast improve it.I know its not gonna be like last year where we switched it on in the playoffs but I gotta ask danny why didn't he trade for Serge Ibaka. Imagen Him wearing #12 and wow now thats the new KG right there :)I would gladly trade Nenad for Ibaka

  51. ronit07 says:

    Remember guys this all started with TA leaving and quis being injured.All I gotta say is that we lost 3 championships not because of danny(partly)but mostly because of injuries to Kg and our bench :(

  52. Unknown says:

    all i can say is i partly agree with all of you guyz, but the thought of celtics not winning banner 18 this season is a travesty to the celtics nation, i love the celtics more than any team in any sport, therefore whatever happens in this years playoffs will surely be great, the c's wont go down that easily ya'all, even if they go down, they'll probably go down with a helluva fight, in danny i still trust...

    i will never give up on the Celtics, celtics pride, celtics nation, celtics all the way....

  53. Unknown says:

    hey im quite new here, why doesnt my picture appear? thanks...

    i will never give up on the Celtics, celtics pride, celtics nation, celtics all the way....

  54. Michael says:

    I realize this is a blog and most rules of grammar go out the window as well as spelling and syntax, but PLEASE! this has got to be the worst ever........

    "It's blatant to me this team's mojo is gone. The playoffs have started and the flip hasn't switched. " WTF?!


  55. tb727 says:

    My! BAD Michael, our proofreader missed musted it.

  56. Hey don't make fun of the spelling of my name!

  57. Anonymous says:

    Wait. What are bandwagon Heat and Knicks fans doing in Celticslife?

  58. Anonymous says:

    You guys can think whatever !!!! I DON'T CARE WHAT ANYONE SAYS I STILL CONFIDENCE ON THE CELTICS ; THEY WILL STEP IT UP ... THEY ARE THE CELTICS FOR GODS SAKE !! You guys can't really give up at this time .... seriously I understand their having problems but we need confidence, not a good article in my opinion ... Broke my heart seeing something like that in a website like this ....... BANNER 18 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Unknown says:
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  60. VB11 says:

    How could the Celtics or any of their fans feel good about their team? This article is spot-on and as a Knicks fan, it's a fair assessment.

    After being humongous favorites to destroy the Knicks they have been outplayed in both games by a team that has barely had enough time to learn the plays and one that had 2/3rds of its key players out for game two .

    How could Celtic Fans have their usual arrogant hubris knowing the Refs robbed the Knicks in game one with that criminal offensive foul call ?

    Here in NY we are happy knowing we would have beaten you in this Series and that our team is getting better and yours is in decline .

    Perhaps Kevin Mchale can take another job and rob his Employers to benefit the Celtics other than that you might as well think about what to do with the money you will save by not having to buy tickets for the later rounds .

    The run of your big three will be over soon . Kudos to the author for feeling ok to write this .

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