Far be it for me to stand up for a Laker, but Amar'e is perpetually whining about not having another 7 footer to do the dirty work for him (that despite his size he refuses to do) and now his new thing is complaining about not having a supporting cast. Physically Amar'e is huge and should be a great defender/rebounder. He simply doesn't care on that end of the floor. Andrew Bynum came to his scrawny teammate's defense with the above tweet.

So what are your thoughts on Amar'e calling another big man soft?

JR 4/03/2011 01:55:00 PM Edit
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  1. Jenda says:

    He's right, everybody knows Gasol is soft. But he is a zero defender so in no position to call out Gasol.

  2. The Coach says:

    I was in the room, it was pretty funny.

  3. Unknown says:

    first boozer was soft when he got a double double playing amare in the playoffs and now gasol is soft. amare needs to get his head on right.

  4. JR says:

    Yeah Amar'e should never call anyone soft. Also, why do people refer to Lamar Odom as a 7 footer?

  5. Allan Leavell says:


  6. tb727 says:

    Gasol dominates Stoudemire all the time. Stoudemire isn't half the player Gasol is.

    And Lamar Odom is 7 foot because in today's NBA Glen Davis is 6'9 and Leon Powe is 6'8 lol.

    Jim Peterson, however, was a legit 6'10 lol

  7. Three Toe says:

    haha, it's not like amare denied being soft, he is just stating his opinion.

  8. Jon L. says:

    Pau Gasol is definitely soft. He is a wuss and cries about every call. Thanks to Amare for actually voicing what many fans are thinking.

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