CSNNE's Greg Dickerson spoke with Danny Ainge yesterday about the Kendrick Perkins trade, and Danny clearly stated that he currently has no regrets.

"I would do the trade over again in a heartbeat, as of today. But at the end of the season, I'll look at all the things and I'll be the first one to say some things that we could have done or that we didn't, or things that we did do that we shouldn't have."

When asked about how other teams have said the Celtics lost their toughness when Perkins walked out he door, Danny replied by saying: "That would embarrass me if I was Kevin Garnett or Paul Pierce or Ray Allen or Rajon Rondo or whoever else. We got one guy that's tough? That's ridiculous."

Especially with the rumors that Shaq might be done for the season, Danny might want to think long and hard before telling the media and fans that he has no regrets.

DH 4/20/2011 12:09:00 PM Edit
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  1. Beantown says:

    In the interest of being objective, what is he supposed to say? That he wishes he didn't do that trade? He'd get eaten alive if he said that, not just by the media but his newly acquired players would lose complete respect in him.

    In this case though, I do believe him. I don't think he underestimated Perkins' importance at all. However, I do think he overestimated the health of JO and Shaq when he made this deal. If you look at it now, neither one of those guys are even close to healthy, now JO has an injured wrist? One thing after another it seems. The injury with Shaq is such a damn shame, it kills me that we don't have him right now and by the looks of the reports, he's got this contraption on his leg that they keep referring to and that does not sound like a man who's about to come back and play anytime soon. I'll be happy if we can get him back next round but who knows.

  2. JR says:

    Wow Ainge is talking out of his ass here.

  3. C's says:

    I miss Perk......

  4. Anonymous says:

    There is a longer term view here - Perk was not going to resign anyway and was making overtures towards OKC via his agent. He is a one-dimensional player, and long term the trade was a good one.

  5. DH says:

    Anonymous- The problem is the Big 3 might not be around for the long term. The window to get Banner 18 with them before their age really starts to become a big factor is a small one. We could have kept Perk for the year and been in a better place to win Banner 18, even if it meant losing a few more games in the regular season while he was out with his knee injury. In the end, I don't think we would have finished with a worse record than we currently have.

    I think Danny could have kept Perk and traded away the other pieces and still found a decent back-up for PP.

  6. glitterchick says:

    Does anyone really take Danny seriously at this point???

  7. Anonymous says:

    in 2012: Perk gone, Shaq gone, Oneal gone, Green gone. Rondo here, Allen here, Garnett here, Pierce here, plus big free agent from Orlando...anyone thinkng about that possibility?

  8. Take it easy half hearts.

  9. Are we still talking about Perkins? We got our asses handed to us plenty of nights with Perk on the floor.

    We have issues right now, but its not like we haven't dealt with it before.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Of course Ainge, the other 4 are all tough guys. But by taking out Perk, as we all can see, we lose some solid interior defense. Davis currently can't fill the gap. Too much for old Garnett to handle alone don't you think.

  11. Bohemian says:

    Danny Ainge is just like a politician, he will always manipulate and play with words to make his decisions look better.

    We can still win, but Perk was a big factor in our success. He can't denied he has endangered the chances of this team when he really didn't need to.

    Now, let's move on and beat the Knicks!

  12. If the Celtics traded FOR Kendrick Perkins everybody would talk about how he's injury prone, has no offense, and seemingly turns the ball over every time he touches it... Really don't disagree with Danny Ainge trading Perk.

  13. Anonymous says:

    you heartless son of a bitch

  14. ThomasJ says:

    What do you expect Danny to say? He blew it? He can't be ignorant enough to really think the team is better off after the trade. As DH mentioned, the window with the big three is closing - we needed to maximize our opportunity THIS SEASON! In no way does this trade create a championship team in the near future. Take the blinders off people! Jeff Green is the only future player involved and he is no all-star, just good.

    Danny could have acquired "good" without moving Perk - very possibly someone MUCH better for this year like Battier.

    So Perk doesn't resign but we have a better chance to win #18 this season - you're telling me acquiring Green and Krstic was worth giving that up?

    I know I'm right and will always feel cheated and betrayed as a fan. The core group should have been given the chance to get what was taken away largely due to injuries the past 2 seasons.

    This blind rationalizing and apologizing for Danny among Celtic fans is getting ridiculous! Where on Danny's resume is the GM brilliance outside of trading for Ray and THEN KG agreeing to come to Boston. He wasn't coming until he saw the championship pieces. No KG, no banner 17 and Danny would be lucky to still have the job.

    And one last thing, a lot of this year's crap could have been avoided by simply signing TA, who deserves and should get all-defensive team honors.

  15. ThomasJ says:

    And Jesse if the Celtics traded Green and Krstic FOR Perk as you bare talking about creating the KG - Perk core back of the D that Thibs said recently was the core of the great D for Boston - would Celtic fans really be complaining about Perk's lack of offense considering what was given up? Not a lot of crying is heard in OKC. Danny should have required Ibaka to make this deal and we would still have a strong interior D.

  16. tb727 says:

    I'd leave a response but Thomas J stated everything I feel. And yes Ibaka is a nice front court defensive player. Much better than Krstic lol

  17. JR says:

    Man I'd be thrilled if we traded two reserves who don't seem to fit in for a defensive tough ass starting center. That's just what we need! Too bad the deadline is over and the Thunder would laugh in our faces. But honestly that's the only thing we're missing right now. Even with Shaq hurt I'd feel very comfortable with Perk and JO as our centers. I think fans would love that trade. Just like Thunder fans loved when they traded their soft player (1 who wants 5/50) for a tough center that agreed to a contract on the spot.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Sorry yall but Ainge is a jackass!...am a sports person so i kno losses are not to be individualised so does failure but this doesnot apply to the C's any failure is Ainge...wat the f***! who speaks like dat..'al do it in a heartbeat" ah mean come on Perk was so great cant he see that..OPEN URE EYES AINGE!!!after the playoffs he beta try and get perk otherwise..............he'll loose big time..Jackass...p.s sorry again yall

  19. Anonymous says:

    it really started w/ the Quis injury >.>

  20. ronit07 says:

    Well,I will trade Danny FOR PERK IN A HEARTBEAT X(

  21. Anonymous says:

    If I would do the trade. It would have been different. Ainge wants some backup for Pierce? Then he should have gotten Gerald Wallace. Not only is he a better defender and a better backup than Green. He also adapts well in any circumstance. Maybe Ainge should have tought of that. A Nate Robinson + Semih Erden + Jermaine O'neal and some draft picks would have done the trick. I still have some hope that the Celtics will win it all, but my hope is diminishing day by day.

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