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Jesse Dampolo 3/10/2011 10:31:00 PM Edit
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  1. tb727 says:

    Wow is that Jeff Green lol?

    All kidding aside, REALLY well done Jesse. Bias was a transcendent talent, and the Celtics would be in the 20s right now with all time banners had he lived.

  2. tb727 says:

    Actually this inspired me to go back to my old picture :)

  3. RIP to he and his murdered younger brother.

  4. The Coach says:

    Nice job Jesse. Both thrilling to see the highlights and sad that it all ended the way it did.

    He remains a key figure in our culture...

  5. Cromag says:

    This brings back tears just like that dreaded day that he died. He could have given us many titles and MJ would not be the Jordan we now know. Bias death was the darkest tragedy in Celtics history.

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