The right Achilles tendon injury that O'Neal suffered last month is healing fine, but now he's once again bothered by some right foot soreness.

Now it's to the point where the Celtics have no idea when the 7-foot-1 center who turned 39 years old today, will return to action.

When asked about O'Neal and a likely return date, Celtics head coach Doc Rivers acknowledged he had no idea.

"He (O'Neal) worked out with us the other day," Rivers said. "Some of the pain returned."

Rivers spoke with Ed Lacerte, the team's head trainer.
Just one ailment after another with these O'Neals. All you "Danny was a genius to trade Perk. Green is Len Bias reincarnated" Ainge fan boys might be singing a different tune if we get bounced from the playoffs due to getting beat down low. Can you really guarantee the O'Neal brothers will be ready to go? I mean I like Kristic and Green. They're solid role players, but the idea that we don't need Perk, because we can count on Shaq is laughable in my honest opinion.

JR 3/06/2011 10:58:00 PM Edit
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  1. ben says:

    do you actually think the o'neals are brothers

  2. JR says:

    Yeah twin brothers :/ What type of question is that?

  3. shelbyl says:
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  4. shelbyl says:

    I'm quite positive that this is Shaq trying to keep himself fresh for the playoffs.

    We'll definitely miss Perkins if we're playing against Lakers, but I believe KG, Baby, Krstic, Murphy and Green will be adequate for the other teams.

    Then again Howard scored about 30 and we lost to Lakers with Perk on the floor, so you know, we can never be sure about anything.

    Yes, we lost Game 7 without Perk, and the shadow of that will be with us forever. Yet we still remember how the officiating was at that final game, we actually could have won without Perk.

    Let's just wait and see. No need for forecasting as of now.

  5. Karl says:

    Perk's not the same player this year. At least for this year I think they made the right move. I don't buy Shaq being able to return healthy but I remain optimistic.

  6. Anonymous says:

    he looks thinner

  7. JR says:

    Black clothes have a slimming effect. lol.

    I don't know Karl. Perk was beasting against the Heat this season. We won't know the answer until the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th rounds of the playoffs. I still think Perk +Battier would have led to better odds at #18.

  8. Karl says:

    Miami's losing to the Bulls anyway. It's a wait and see approach. The best this team played was with Shaq healthy and starting but if he's not back we could be in trouble. I like Jeff Green a lot for the future though.,

  9. This is why we shouldn't have traded Semih. If we had Semih and Krstic we'd have a sloppy euro trash duo that no one could stop. No body.

  10. JR says:

    lol Mike. The Semih trade was dumb. Not even sure that Murphy is better than Semih, so why trade a young center like Semih for nothing to replace him with an older PF like Murphy?

  11. Sherri aka Old Fan says:

    May turn out Shaq's the Achilles heel for the Celts this year. :-(

  12. tb727 says:

    Len Bias? LEN BIAS? Who the hell has the audacity to say Jeff Green is Len Bias reincarnated?! That's blasphemous! Whoever made those comments is a complete fucking idiot.

    I agree with JR, keeping Perk and going for Battier was definitely the safer bet for Banner 18. If Thabeet got Battier, I'm sure a Semih packagage could've. Even if it would only be a rental for a half year, at least at year's end you'd have the option of pursuing Glen Davis, Perkins, or Battier.

  13. Anonymous says:

    loose the snarky tone, will ya? Can you actually argue that perkins is more durable than Krystic? Get over it already.

  14. tb727 says:

    Nah last anonymous, the tone isn't snarky. Anyone who thinks Jeff Green is Len Bias needs their head checked and SHOULD be criticized heavily. That's a complete disgrace to Len Bias as a basketball player.

  15. Agree with you on the Len Bias statement criticism.
    As someone right here from Prince George's County, MD where both of these guys are from (Len & Jeff,...and even also Delonte West)....I must say that although Jeff is a pure alpha-stud..with game out the stratosphere...
    A Len Bias he is "NOT".
    And he'll probably be the very 1st one to tell you this.
    Let's not get ridiculous now.

  16. tb727 says:

    I agree totally Wayne, it's amazing some Celtics sites out there legitimately think this is the case. I've seen topics in the past couple of weeks to saying Jeff Green is Len Bias, Jeff Green is Reggie Lewis.

    Jeff Green is Jeff Green, no reason to get carried away.

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