Murphy will be out for the trip. Surprise, surprise, Shaq won't be back by April 1 as had been reported. New target date for Shaq is April 5th, which could mean anything. I think Celtics Nation needs to turn it's panicking eyes to Jermaine O'Neal, because this Shaq thing has way too much of a Bill Walton 1987 vibe. Delonte should play tomorrow which is some better news. As Doc says it starts with the Big 4.

Rondo and Ray meet the media after the jump.

JR 3/26/2011 07:18:00 PM Edit
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  1. Anonymous says:

    I know Rondo is nonchulant, but he's been acting like he just dont give a damn lately, he never smiles, yet he's smilng through this whole interview, he did that when we lost to Houston too... Doc and Ray need to talk to him, cause I dont think this is funny, its not too deep, but it aint funny either..

  2. Anonymous says:

    I think he was laughing because he knows he has been playing badly, but you're right, his focus does seem off, and I don't think that interview showed his drive to change what is going on with the C's right now.

  3. kikisweet says:

    His interview shows that he seems unconcerned. But that is something to be seen in the next back to back games. I think he plays a great role in helping Cs come out off the funk that they are in.Unless he gets himself straight, that won't happen. Let's hope that they will turn around things beginning Sunday's game with the wolves. Otherwise, i think PP has to take the leadership to the team to another level. They have to have rhythm heading to the playoff

  4. Anonymous says:

    rondo looks so cute! love him!

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