Can someone please explain this decision for me?

I'm one of the biggest Rondo fans out there, but I've watched this clip now over a dozen times and I can't figure out what he's thinking. Some people are going to say Rondo was being "selfish" by trying to stat pad assists. I don't buy that. How can someone be selfish by being too unselfish? Now if he was shooting poor shots instead of passing to open players  that would be selfish. So the next possible explanation is Rondo's terrified of being fouled and going to the line. What else can there be? Is he trying to send a message to Danny, "See I have a clear path to the hoop, but I'm going to make it harder for no apparent reason." (Yes that was me referencing Danny trading away our starting center when we were the best team in the league).

Honestly I'd like some objective thoughts on this Rondo play. What do you think is going through his mind right here? I wouldn't even care if this was the first time he passed on an open lay up this season, but it definitely isn't. I'm going try and be positive and guess that he thought he might get blocked here, but you make the call: What's the matter with Rondo?