From Publishers Weekly:
In this blunt, self-deprecating memoir, Herren tells his story as one of the greatest high school athletes to come out of southern New England. Fall River, Mass., has a storied basketball tradition, and Herren's achievements on the court made him a local hero as well as bringing him to the attention of national recruiters and Sports Illustrated. Overwhelmed by expectations, Herren avoided school and abused drugs and alcohol. Although Herren managed to make it to the NBA, his life continued to spin out of control until he OD'd in his car and was found unconscious with a bag of heroin on the seat beside him. Herren offers explanations for his downfall but doesn't make excuses. Neither does he glorify the partying and excess that made his life a blur. What he does achieve is something more valuable: giving a stark portrayal of the surreal existence led by young sports stars in a world of rapacious agents, vicious rivals, oblivious fans, and educational institutions that enable their "student" athletes to get away with almost anything. In the end, this is a sobering, cautionary tale for star-athletes-to-be.
In my opinion Massachusetts doesn't produce many star basketball players, but Herren definitely was one in high school and he became even more famous by being featured in the critically acclaimed basketball book "Fall River Dreams" (also by Bill Reynolds). Herren would also become infamous for his drug issues, but made for a nice redemption story when he played for the Celtics in the 1990's (Why TB hasn't done a WTHHT? on him no one knows. You're slipping TB!). Unfortunately it wasn't all sunshine after that. Look out for this book when it hits shelves on May 10th.

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  1. tb727 says:

    Just like Zaid Abdul Aziz, I'm waiting to buy the autobiography before recapping his illustrious career.

  2. JR says:

    Nice save TB. Were you able to resell Aziz's book?

  3. Jenda says:

    Sounds a little like Jim Carroll's Basketball Diaries. He never got out of high school though.

  4. tb727 says:

    I have not attempted yet to resell Aziz's book. I may be stuck with it unless someone else wants to read it.

    Maybe in addition to t-shirts we can also sell books on the site lol?

  5. Beantown says:

    I'm not going to lie, normally I would pass on a book like this because it's just someone who's broke and trying to make a buck. However, in this case I think it might be an interesting read especially since he's a Massachusetts guy. I was at the And1 tour about 5 years ago and he was the coach of the Boston team--not the And1 team but the team they were playing.

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