This game was way too close. The Celtics completely dominated the Suns for 2 and a half quarters before blowing a 29 point lead. They were eventually able to hold on to win 115-103. Kevin Garnett was lights out tonight, going 12-14 from the field and tallying 28 points to go along with 11 rebounds.  All 5 starters played pretty well. Rondo had another good night with 16 points and 15 assists. I don't know if anyone has ever made 15 assists look as routine as Rondo.

I thought Krstic had another solid game and seems to be a good addition to Boston.  Jeff Green showed flashes of what he could become but he is going to be a work in progress these next couple months.  Troy Murphy is rusty right now and you really can't look too much into his performance tonight.

The Suns bench was the reason they got back in this game. Aaron Brooks was the second coming of Tiny Archibald tonight scoring 17 points on 6-6 from the field. Jared Dudley has always impressed me with his effort and knack for being around the ball. I'd love him in a Celtics uniform.  Marcin Gortat continued to be a Celtics killer with 13 points and 13 boards. I'm glad they traded him from the Magic because him and Dwight were a great 1-2 combo.  Nash had an off night but I always love watching that guy play. 

The worst news of the night was the possible injury of Glen Davis. Davis is a candidate for 6th man of the year and an intergral part of the second unit that we cannot afford to lose.  Let's hope his injury is not serious. What is he doing in the game at that juncture anyway?

Overall a pretty solid win despite the lackluster second half. The Suns are a pretty good team and it is going to take some time to work in the new parts.  Next game Friday night against Golden State at 7:30.

Karl Dillinger 3/02/2011 10:22:00 PM Edit
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  1. shelbyl says:

    That Davis injury looked serious, hope it is not.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Agreed ^^

  3. tb727 says:

    Tom Leander is an embarrassment to broadcasting. Him and Scott Williams (who not surprisingly was a teammate of this fat fuck) are the second worst NBA announcers after Cleveland and before Chicago. Scott Williams saying at the end that he "wishes Rondo took it to the basket on that last play and ended up in the first row" or how he "wishes he'd step up to the line and miss all 3 free throws."

    What a fucking dick.

    And the Leander guy is ALWAYS awful. Second worst announcers in the league, congrats asshole.

  4. Karl says:

    ya agreed. Just update recap with Big Baby injury. Can't believe I forgot to add that.

  5. tb727 says:

    And yes Karl, Aaron Brooks did turn into Tiny Archibald, excellent analogy.

  6. Anonymous says:

    what the hell happened towards the end of the 4th? why did rondo decide to become a jackass and shoot that three? i was so pissed

  7. shelbyl says:

    Also, Marshall is saying that what Rondo did (the last second 3pt shot) was disrespectful. I'd have definitely agreed with that, yet just before that the Celtics let the 24 second clock run out, and Phoenix answered by attacking and scoring. I can understand why Rondo was pissed off, I'd have done the same.

  8. Anonymous says:

    a team thats down will always continue to fight
    "its not over till its over" - you still continue to score tho
    rondo shouldve taken the higher road and not attempted that 3

  9. shelbyl says:

    In my book, respect is mutual. I don't think many would agree with me on what Rondo did though, I can understand.

    Anyway, word on Davis's knee from Flannery:

    "Big Baby said he felt something wrong in his left knee on the way up. He's having an MRI tomorrow. He added that he's not concerned."

  10. Anonymous says:

    Glen Davis: Left knee patella strain

  11. shelbyl says:

    My Google search suggests that that's a semi-serious injury. I'm glad that our March schedule is not as tough.

  12. kunzang says:

    rondo took the shot alrite....but why were they tryna block him if da game was really over??
    obviously it wasnt over for both the teams till da clock hit ZERO!!!

  13. Anonymous says:

    I missed the part when KG got a tech towards the end, what happened there?

  14. Anonymous says:

    I can't believe Big Baby is now injured. Any knee injury is not good. I agree, what was he doing in the game at that time?

  15. LilRip says:

    he was in the game because the suns had made a huge run. so the starters were all in the game to close it out. besides, he injured himself on a wide open dunk. i don't see how Doc could've foreseen that.

    and i'm on Rondo's side with that 3-point shot. seems like he wanted to prove a point because as soon as he got up, he was telling the ref that he was gonna shoot free throws. it's very very rare to see any player (except Vujacic) shoot at the end of a win.

  16. Yea baby !!
    hope they continue this streak .. I want home court for us all through-out the playoffs

  17. Karl says:

    LilRip- They made a huge run but had a 10 point lead with a minute left. Didn't need to be out there but I agree no one could've forseen that. Injuries happen. Hopefully he'll be back soon.

  18. Three Toe says:

    good recap karl. there were a lot of things that should have happened this game. nash should have been ejected, the c's should have kept playing during that 24-4 run, the suns should have just stopped calling time outs and fouling when it was out of reach, the refs should have swallowed their whistles on that pierce T, and rondo should have just let the clock run out. All of these little incidents seem to me to stem from the last unfriendly outing between these two teams.

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