The 4th episode of "The Association: Boston Celtics" airs Wednesday at 7 PM Eastern time on ESPN. Below are 5 deleted scenes that were recently released. It looks as though the part that covered Kendrick Perkin's interview right before the trade that was included in the 4th episode preview a few days ago is now on the deleted scenes list, which I find a bit strange. In any case, the deleted scenes range from the hilarious to the emotional, and include footage from both before and after the trade deadline.

Kendrick Perkins Interviewed by Sherrod Blakely Before the Trade Deadline:

4 more videos after the jump, including Nate, Semih, Big Baby, and Doc...

Nate Robinson Jokes Around Before Being Traded to the Thunder:

Semih Erden on Being Traded:

Big Baby Singing on the Bus:

Doc Rivers and the Team in the Locker Room, Post-Game After Their Win at Golden State:

Thanks to Q.D. and JR for sharing a couple of the videos on the shoutbox.

Danielle Hobeika 3/14/2011 12:38:00 AM Edit
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  1. JR says:

    I loved the last one! Though it was kinda of ominous to see Rondo in the background with Perk and then Perk sort of disappearing.

  2. DH says:

    The one of Semih crying makes me really sad. He was either really attached to being a part of the Celtics, or in despair about having to live in Cleveland.

  3. It was ominous? I didn't even notice Perk was there! Maybe i was too focused on Semih's bra.

  4. DH says:

    It's not a bra, it's a bro... like on Seinfeld...

  5. I just looked up the box score from the last time (before this year) that Boston beat Golden State in CA. They aren't right...

    The starters were Paul Pierce, Mike James, Jiri Welsch, Vin Baker, Walter McCarty.


  6. DH says:

    Wow... maybe that is why it's a deleted scene?

  7. I think Raef was injured... if you could believe that.

  8. evansJ says:

    hey ya'll see perk smiling? :)

  9. Anonymous says:

    I thought Doc gave him the right answer after Paul answered it. Walter McCarty

  10. @anonymous

    nice catch, i couldn't even tell what everybody was yelling.

    PP responded with "He killed me!"

  11. JR says:

    I've watched that bottom video like 10 times now. I love Doc's and Frank's reactions so much. lol.

  12. Anonymous says:

    watching perks and erden go is sad
    erden looks really attracted to the team
    hope he comes back

  13. coco says:

    these videos bring back feelings from that trade deadline. it's so sad.

  14. Anonymous says:

    ooh i miss semih,perk and nate. peggy

  15. CelticJay says:

    Each of these videos show the CHEMISTRY this team had. Sure they were a bunch of clowns, and high-strung but they had each others' backs!! You can't put a price on chemistry. I cringe everytime I see Perk in one of those scenes. Danny Ainge is really going to pay the price for making these moves. Yes it's a business and he didn't wan to see this team become irrelevant in a couple of years.... but he tore the heart out of this group. You can see it with Rondo's play since the deal and the frustration on the vets' faces as they try to bring in the new guys. You don't trade away a player of Perk's magnitude during the season! Let's not underestimate how important Nate was to that chemistry even though his numbers weren't great.

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