Alright, I need to write this in order to move on. In order to welcome our new players and continue being a fan of the Celtics I need first to get it off my chest. I need also to apologise because I won't structure this post, I don't feel in the mood and with the ability right now (5:00 a.m. here in Europe) to do so. I will just explain my points and then try to get some sleep after this crazy day.

Danny Ainge has disappointed me very much today, to a point that I didn't expect. He said he liked his team, and after the injury on Marquis Daniels he shakes the structure of the Eastern Conference champion and current holder of the best record in the East. Adding Rasual Butler, Anthony Parker or just any other forward with some decent D would have been enough Danny. No need to touch on any core player. We needed what Marquis was giving us, nothing more, nothing else. With the return of Delonte and the emergence of Wafer the need was also somehow diminished. Wasn't Parker enough? He is arguably better than Marquis. Hell, even Brian Scalabrine would have been enough during this stretch to calm the spirits and give us some valuable minutes from the bench. Oops, I forgot you didn't even try to bring him back, what a memory I have.

In any case, let's get back to the problem itself: Danny has said that Perk had rejected his extension offer and that they couldn't offer more than what they did. If you remember, that offer was 22 million for 4 years deal. In the meantime you have no problem offering 12 for 2 years to a guy than can barely walk at this stage of his career (Jermaine). Then you have the courage to say that you expect that same guy and a hurting 38 year old legend to heal and be able to substitute Perk's value for this team. Do you expect us to believe that too, Danny?

Mr Ainge has also said that they feared losing Perkins in free agency because "he wanted to test the market". I am now asking you Danny: so what? You tested the market with Ray to a point where he lost his shooting touch last year and you seemed to have no problem with that. You offer a laughable contract to a key player in your team and you want us to look at him as a greedy and selfish person? Perk is worth much more than that, and yes you could have been able to resign him for just a little more. He was asking for a 30/ 4 deal and you haven't been capable of reaching a very decent request. Perk could have settled for more but he asked for a fair deal and you wouldn't even wait until the summer and think about it. That's very intelligent, Danny.

Kendrick Perkins is a main reason why the Celtics are what they are. He is the defensive anchor, the force and soul of the structure of this team. And beyond his value as a center, is his value to his teammates, to the fans and to the Celtics culture. Danny, you had a true Celtic and you sold him. In times when players and teams just talk business you traded a guy that came back from injury more than one month ahead of schedule, a guy that gave it all for his team and for the Celtics tradition. A guy that simply says "I am a Celtic" when justifying why he is going to sacrifice his health to return sooner than expected just before learning he is going to be traded.

Danny, you traded a part of us fans today too.

But after all, we shouldn't be surprised when you release a player after playing with a broken ligament during a game (remember Leon Powe against the Bulls in '09), you lowball Tony Allen during the summer to see him go to the Memphis Grizzlies, you lose fan favourite Eddie House for a guy you will trade the next year, you lose a vital key for our success in '08 (Posey) to later regret it (as is has been admitted by Doc today when he tried to justify the value of newcomer Green in this team) and you trade young promising players like Erden for a second rounder.

Because Danny, you sell us that you want to get younger but then you just give them away. You lose them in free agency by not giving them the due respect but then you have no problem overvaluing veterans. You want to sell us into this rejuvenating process but you contradict yourself.

Today you really proved that at least you have lost a believer, and I am sure other fans will think the same. You traded away a vital part of our team, and we may very well pay the price in the playoffs and for the rest of the regular season. You have severely risked the chemistry of this team when we were marching towards the best record in the conference, securing home court advantage in the playoffs. Did you have to do all this, and now?

Kendrick Perkins was, is and will ever be a Celtic and he will always be remembered. As for you Danny, at least have the courage to tell the truth and not manipulate the facts. Don't sell us a greedy Perk and a victim Danny.

Let's move ahead with the truth.

Tomorrow morning I will be ready to welcome Jeff Green and Nenad Kristic. But for now and for the next months and probably years I will just regret on the chances of securing the career of player that bleeds green and that has been so important for the new winning culture of the Boston Celtics.

Good night to all you fans and best of luck in Oklahoma City, Perk.

Bohemian 2/24/2011 11:17:00 PM Edit
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  1. celticfam wordaapp says:

    Love this piece. If anyone knew what it meant to be a celtic, it was Perk. That man was all toughness and all heart.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I just keep thinking about his quote from today regarding whether he would play on the road trip..."I'm a Celtic man" I still can't believe he's gone. Also, let's not forget how they got rid of Clifford Ray.

  3. spwx says:

    Great post. Im still in shock... the CSN guys made me furious in the pre-game show

  4. bballee says:

    I think Perk would have taken 30/4, but by the time that issue is decided it is too late to get any return if the answer was no.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Worst part of today was Perk by far. Total devastation. I feel like he was cheated and I hate that. We will miss you Perk.

  6. spwx says:

    Who cares if he resigns or not next year? what happened to "Its all about 18." Our chances of winning it this year have clearly decreased since this morning

  7. mj says:

    I loved this and I totally agree 100%. Danny isn't some Belichick who knows his team inside and out. I just can't get over the fact that he let Perkins go. That's like Belichick letting Wes Welker go or something to that extent. I have no faith in Danny anymore.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Beautifully said

  9. nails488 says:

    this article represents the heart of all celts fans....... hoping all this trade come for good......danny, are you dismantling what could mean a banner 18?

  10. Anonymous says:

    Wonderful piece-brought me to tears. Danny has
    destroyed the glue and the core of the Celtics. This year was our window w/the big 5. For the first time I was emotionless at a Celtic loss - must still be in shock.

  11. BossinCeltics says:

    Saddened by this trade. Perk was the last piece to our Big 5 Voltron!

  12. Anonymous says:

    great piece danny ainge has doomed us all

  13. Anonymous says:

    U hit every point head on. Perk was one of the only ppl in the league who can guard Dwight Howard and other elite Centers and Power Forwards in the league. Now we dont have that solid strength down low to push people around. Ill miss u perk.

  14. Letsgo says:

    Very well said.... My heart tells me there will not be an 18 this year...

  15. Enric says:

    Morning here in Spain and I still can't believe Perk was traded... Ainge lost my faith and I'm very disappointed, he must talk with Bird so he could know what's a true Celtic... Perk's trade is like any insult for all of us.

  16. Anonymous says:

    i'm all choked up over this and this post was so on point i couldnt have said it any better myself, honestly danny ainge really just fucked up and i hope he has a magic wand to fix the teams morale. i was going to buy tickets but now i can't even imagine contributing toward this rebuild MID SEASON. their last run at a championship together and he fucks it all up. ugh.

  17. Celtic fans in the Philippines are at a loss of words from the Perkins trade. I was expecting a major shake-up on the roster from Mister Ainge, but not this early. Not now.

    give me another tequila and hold the lime.

  18. Phil says:

    Fantastic post. Perkins has worked his ass off to get where he is - he's earned it. He's improved tremendously the last year or so. Why blow up this team? Last year a lot of people thought the Celts had no chance to win a title and they came within one quarter of doing it...until PERK GOT INJURED. Damn it, this just sucks. We've been sold a line about the need to get younger and build around Rondo and Perk. So they dump a young great center who was only starting to come into his own.

  19. Phil says:

    First thing that came to mind when I heard this was "It's all about 18" - as in 2018.

  20. Anonymous says:

    All we asked for was a SF sitting in the bench on the first place. Now this whole thing gets dramatic. You might as well blow up this whole team, Ainge. But exactly, what happened to "all about 18?" What happened to homecourt advantage? What happened to Game 7 of Finals 2010? Could this be worst than 2009? These are questions you'll have to think over and over. Unless by some miracle you get Dwight Howard (a player I scorn) or even (man I can't believe I'm mentioning this guy) Pau Gasol tomorrow, you have lost a believer. But if anything, the Spurs will probably and hopefully be the Celtics' insurance for the title this year because that's the only other legit elite team that I respect.

  21. Anonymous says:


  22. Anonymous says:

    It's 1:47AM right now in Denver. Watching us lose that game last night was tough. But to lose a true Celtic, I don't how I'm going to sleep after that. As I tried to rest my eyes, all I think about was, who in the right mind would trade away a family member? When I found out about the emotional outcome from Perk and the team, I couldn't help but cry inside. Call me whatever you like, but I'm someone who truly have respect within that brotherhood. And to see a member casted out of the mighty green tribe was probably the hardest thing to see beside last yr game 7. We're supposed to be the team who raise the 18th banner with the core members, what the hell happened with "ubuntu"? I will still bleed green, but our management need to make better decision in the future. So Perkins, you will always have my respect on and off the court. And I am sure that many others feel the same way. Best and only Best of luck the with the Thunders. I hope we can dedicate Banner 18 for you and the rest of Celtics family.

    Also Nate, Marquis, Luke and Semih. Boston is a brotherhood and always, always will be.

    Welcome Jeff Green & Nenad Krstic.

    Go C's

  23. Wow says:

    Sure am glad fans don't have a say with this matters. Last time I checked, Celtics still have the BIG 4 and you want to give up now? or think that 18 is no longer a goal? You've got to be kidding me. Its like you gave up LBird for some magic beans the way people are acting. We were the best defensive team in the league this year NOT because of Perk like some people keep putting up. Have nothing against Perk and wouldn't mind if he stayed but this team will be ok and still contend with a more talented team. Shaq is going back at the end of west road trip, till then Kristic, Green, Kg BBD and 10day Johnson can hold the fort. 3 Roster spots opened too so hope is not lost for the "fans".

    Funny how quickly things change, if it wasn't for Danny, none of us probably have anything to celebrate and look forward to. We wouldn't have 17 and aiming for 18 now. Anyway I guess we'll just see who gets to say 'I told you so' first. :)

    I'm still a believer, considering there are still moves to be made to justify what happened today and would reserve Ainge's grade til season is officially over. But as long as we have games to be played, #18 would never be impossible.

  24. Jenda says:

    This made me so sad. Though I despise House and I understand both losing Powe and Posey losing Perk is an obvious mistake. Bringing the "can't afford perk" when paying JO for nothing is crap. Krstic isn't paid much differently and he's a European (that's another expression for "stiff in next five years"). Saying Perk would leave in the summer is an outrage and an insult. The man cried over the trade, he cried bright green.
    I liked Nate, sure I might have been the only one but I can get over losing him for a player needed but losing Perk is inexcusable. Not even getting Dwight Howard in the summer would calm me down. He is not a Celtic mentally and won't be in the next few years.

    I'm pissed.

  25. tb727 says:

    Very well written Bohemian. I fail to see the logic in this move and whether there's enough time for these guys to learn each other's game before end of season.

    Think of the deals Brendan Haywood and Erick Dampier have gotten and Perk wasn't worth at least that? Crazy

  26. Anonymous says:

    Well we're all sorry Perk left, but he went to a good team at least, so for that part I'm happy for him. They'll get better with him, and I hope he'll get better with them. I wish him best. It would be nice to meet them in finals.

  27. Anonymous says:

    this trade totally saddens me., i don't know if i could still answer my accounting exams tomorrow., fuck up ainge.,

  28. Neil Anderson says:

    This is the best thing ive ever read on here cuz its all the truth

  29. zack w. says:

    perk will be sadly missed, i bet he is even more devastated with this than us...

    but let´s welcome green and kristic, who i believe are hot prospects for the years to come.

    but indeed, banner 18 won´t be this year... :/

  30. Anonymous says:

    ainge is a bloody retard for him doing that..

  31. Neil Anderson says:

    this is a horrible move...i like jeff green and all and the thunder are my 2nd favorite team...but i would still rather have perk on the celtics...but you never know Danny might have something up his sleeve...but until we found out why he traded perk, nate, gody, and semih...i won't be able to get over this for a while

  32. Joost says:

    I still do not know what to think of this one. Danny Ainge is smarter than this. Could be that he made room for 1 or 2 free agent additions that we do not see coming. And then Ainge is heralded again for his smart moves.
    But for now this trade leads me to believe that Ainge thinks that the C's can handle the center position with Shaq and JO. Krstic is nothing more then a Erden with a little more experience. But if the first two remain injured the C's have a serious problem which in the end can cost them banner 18 this year.
    I do agree that if there ever was a player that had the Celtics in his heart it would be Perkins. For that I hate to see him go. He still is the best defensive big man in the league and the only one who can guard Dwight Howard. If the Celtics are to play the Magic in the playoff's and we lose to Howard this trade will be even more regretted.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Wow, Do any of you people realize perk has only played 12 games this year??? How many games has the celtics played so far?? What place is the celtics in?? If any of you have watched any games this year, you would know that they can play without perk in the lineup. I like the move for this year and for the future of the celtics. True fans stick by there team!!!

  34. Perk is still a Beast says:

    This is well put. Danny Ainge is one huge dumbass...Perk was even trying to come back on the road trip he shot around with the team yesterday..he worked extremely hard so he could help his team. It is soo upsetting when he is taking it hard himself every interview said him and his teammates were just crying they couldnt believe Danny would do this. Nate, Quis, Semih,and Luke dont seem to really care; Nate was only worried about what number to pick. Danny is still a dumbass no matter what the new guys bring to the table. A few years ago this same idiot was trying to trade Rajon, hate to see this team if that would have worked, but luckily no one wanted him. He is such an idiot and needs to pull his head out of his ass and look around at reality!

  35. I think ainge the mick and the racist kike with retarded son (physical manifestation of how wyc is on the inside) were jealous of Big Perk.

    ainge never got a standing ovation like that as a Celtic.

    ainge was also jealous of Eddie House, because he destroyed his record for 3-point percentage the year before he was traded.

    ainge is a snake, and he works for snakes and kikes.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Lol those who don't think 18 can still be won this year, go to Oklahoma with Perk, lets see you enjoy the first round exit. Us real fans here will trust what happened, happened for a reason and for the better.

    Look at the bigger picture people, 3 Roster spots still up for grabs and we already have this roster for the Roster:


    and whoever fills the 3Roster spots

  37. Anonymous says:

    this is the real score to this issue, most people credit Danny Ainge for bringing the Big 3 together in Boston.

    truth of the matter is, Danny Ainge is not the "GENIUS" as most people are thinking by orchestrating that controversial trade. WHY?? because he is slowly destroying the creation that he built for greatness when he traded Perk and Nate for that never heard guy and that chair wielding freak from Serbia as well.

    and some Celtic fans’ whether in Boston or around the world aren’t aware of it and lest Ainge's true colors have finally got out of the closet.

    let’s be realistic here, this is not the same BOSTON CELTICS squad that we use to root and cheer way back 4 years ago.

    Leon Powe, Eddie House, James Posey, Tony Allen and other members of that 2008 championship team are all gone.

    and now Kendrick Perkins has also departed from Beantown.

    Question is, who could be the next victim of Danny Ainge’s shrewdness and greed?? Rajon Rondo??? the current Big 3?? KG, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce??

    he better not dare doin’ that stupidity by trading Rondo or any guy from the Big 3 to another team.

    on the other straw, the Boston Celtics ended up as the biggest wry (LOSER) in this trades that took place at the same time.

    to sum it up, good job Danny Ainge!.

    If the goal of the game changes from scoring points to beating people with chairs, then it was an awesome trade!

    Danny Ainge is a scum. He is a two faced lying piece of garbage and I will hate him for the rest of my life for the things he pulled when he got here.

    He lied to his players. He lied to the fans. He lied to the media. This wasn’t a case of doing it in the name of what is best for the team. This was doing it in the name what was best for Danny Ainge.

    One title doesn’t mean Ainge did the right things. The only reason the Boston Celtics have title 17 was because of Kevin Mchale NOT Danny Ainge. The team that Ainge put together was knocked out by the Orlando Magic 2 years ago.

    It amazes me how many Celtics fans are brain dead to this fact.

    and because of that, Ainge has automatically given the EC trophy to the Miami Heat and the fat chance for the FAKERS to score a 3 peat this season.

    and the C’s can kiss their hopes of raising up an precedented 18th banner at the rafters of the TD Garden goodbye….

  38. Anonymous says:

    I have been a Celtics fan ever since I watched basketball but today I don't feel like Celtic any more. Thank you Mr. Ainge. Your whole purpose of building new team, younger team was to win a championship. You probably already lost one banner by trading Perkins.

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