Doc is the best, but my question for Danny is if you've been trying to replace Posey all these years, why didn't you just pay and keep him? Sometimes I think we'd simply been better off keeping that team. Shaq isn't better than Perk. Daniels didn't end up better than Posey. Robinson wasn't better than House. Wafer's not better than TA. Shelden wasn't better than Powe. Not saying we had to keep all the guys, but simply pointing out that change isn't always necessarily for the better.

After the jump, Delonte gives his thoughts on losing a "brother."

JR 2/25/2011 01:15:00 AM Edit
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  1. John McGarity says:

    That sounds like Doc trying to toe the line between expressing what he probably really feels, and how he has to respond publicly to show some kind of cohesion between the locker room and the front office.I doubt that Doc sees good logic in the moves DA made today. I've read and listened to a dozen people, professional and otherwise enthusiastic and dedicated fans, I've even tried to rationalize it myself. There isn't any way that today's trades make sense for a title run in Boston. None. I don't see it. Today was a very rough day to be a Celtic fan. I'm still numb over it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    totally agree john still can't take the fact that a member from the core group, starting 5 and one of if not the hardest working player on that team on another team..it blows my mind, but lets see if this works, i doubt it does but just lets see f they get another couple players in buyouts i also heard that hey might make a run at howard also

  3. i still have have faith in what DA did. green averaged 20 points the last 4 games and we need him to back up pierce. baby ultimately can be the starting center and kristic backs him up, and when shaq comes back, that is gonna be good. salary space is freed and i think that's why DA is doing, looking at the future.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Delonte has such a soothing voice.

    I'm thoroughly confused with Danny Ainge's reasoning. If he's looking to free up roster positions, why don't the deals with the Cavs and Kings suffice?

  5. John Battle says:


  6. Anonymous says:

    The Miami Heat is saying that they will be going for Perk for next season and as for D. howard he has changed his mind he wants to play wherever Chris Paul is going he tweeted about it yesterday. We are screwed...

  7. And over the next 10 years we'll be hearing how he's trying to replace Perk. Good defensive centers are hard to find. Danny had one and could have kept him at a bargain. The 4.5 million a year he offered him was a slap in the face. If he had told Perk the he'd offer him 7.5 million a year Perk would have stayed. I'm certain of it.

    As for Miami, they can't offer enough. I think Perk bonds with the guys in OKC and stays there. They can make him a good offer. If Danny was worried about money he should have waited till after the season and then done a sign and trade with Perk if he wanted too much. Danny cost us a title.

  8. Anonymous says:

    What ever happened to "Our Starting five is undefeated " in a playoff series???? I can't believe this.. Perk gave it his all for us, wanted to help our team, so bad he rehabed ahead of schedule, helped us against Miami. Why did Danny gave up the one thing we had advantage over Miami. We lost Perk,Semih, and Luke. Three guys who could have been in our future... Not to mention Daniels I hope him the best Nate I'll admit he had a rough start this season, but he was still a valuable player, and then u keep guys like Shaq, and Jermaine?? come on man! what garantees you that they will be healthy come playoff. We looked so bad against the Nuggets last night, that Honestly I lost my Inner Celtic.. Yesterday You (Danny)have ripped a part of Boston away from the city. I love Green of all the players that are new comers he is athletic ill give u that only. Actually no i'll take it back, Hope Sheed comes back to gives us a small push and little hope.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Personally I'm glad he is gone. Let me see what are his positives: He plays good defense. LET ME SEE yea thats all.
    Negatives: Can't shoot free throws, Other than wide open moves, he has no low post moves except traveling about 4 or 5 times a game. He has hands of stone. He is good for a least 1 or 2 techs a game.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I meantWide open dunks

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