Ray, Paul, and Doc give their thoughts after the jump.

JR 1/06/2011 08:02:00 AM Edit
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  1. Banner 18 says:

    I like how Ray never makes excuses. He said his free throw routine was all the same, nothing was different, ball felt like it was going it but it didnt.
    Others players might have made an excuse and say 'I didnt make those cause my palms were sweating' - lol

    It was SUPER SHOCKING to see him miss two FTs in a row. Kinda like last year in the Playoffs vs Miami Game 4..

  2. Agreed Banner 18. I think Rondo's interview shows his maturity a lot too. He's so much more grown up than even 2-3 years ago. Doc's talk about going small is really interesting too. The man is a genius.

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