Comments From the Other Side - Spurs 1/5

What a game!  I was amazed at how much the Spurs fans complained about the refs.  They pretty much let them play and there were bad calls and no calls going both ways.  I could have pointed out just as many non calls going the other way.  But, the last two minutes, the refs definitely called it pretty much in favor of the Spurs and I don't think even they could deny that.   Some good comments today.  Most realized we were playing without KG but people seem to forget that we are playing without Perk and Delonte as well.  Rondo was a beast last night.  Yet some still criticized his game.  Amazing.  Enjoy today's comments from the other side.... 

Spurs win big, no way they play as bad as yesterday.

Boston's current favorite referee, Bill Kennedy, is the crew chief tonight.

If the Spurs had won last night, I'd say they lose tonight, but I think they're gonna be pissed off and actually win this game.

Big baby's jumper is horrible. He shoots it way too often, and it's not a high percentage shot for him at all. I wouldn't worry about that, he has turned into a chucker this yr.

I have no clue who will win. If KG were healthy I'd pick the Celtics, but since he's not I think we have a chance. Also, since we're coming off of a disheartening performance and its a back-to-back, I don't care how fired up the guys are, they'll probably feel some fatigue. And the Celts are rested. I lean toward the Celtics winning tonight. At some point the Spurs are due for a two game losing streak, and the Spurs' defense is not on par with Boston's...yet, at least.

Hoping the Spurs win of course, but it will definitely be tough. We may have a shot though with KG being out, which I will take since we lost last night.

If they defend well they should win. I am expecting our guys to at least score 90 points. Can we win with 90 points today?

We can if we can hold them to 89.

Ok, time for the worst announcer of the NBA: Tommy Heinsohn

I have the Celtics feed and Tommy Heinsohn is calling the game. I can’t wait for the first foul on the game against the Celts to hear Heinsohn say why they were screwed.

I love Heinsohn..this should be entertaining..

Spurs should win this game, even though it's a back-to-back..the effort should be good after last night's game, the Celtics are a relatively slow-paced team, they don't have much of a size advantage with KG, Perkins out. Most important of all, Garnett isn't playing, and statistically speaking, he's #2 in the NBA in on/off court value to his team


Manu getting killed by Allen

Put Hill on Allen. Manu sucks right now.

Allen is torching pretty much any defender we’re throwing at him, right now

Tommy Heinsohn blabbers like a drunken lunatic

he's horrible but hilarious. I'll give him that

Rondo made a jumper? The sky must be falling.

Scary thing about Boston, theyre f***ing deep front court.

Yes, but Jermain's knees are messed up.

New nickname for Dice: The Mummy.
And that's being kind. He moves like a 2 by 4 out there.

Yea but its not just JO, they got Perkins coming back as well. Once he does JO is like a 5th big.

You should have listened to Johnny Most when he called Celtics games. You think these guys are bad, you should have listened to him.

Whoever is guarding Allen, whether it be Hill or Neal or Ginobilli, I would love it if they would at least get a hand in his face. Pretty please?

Wowee… Rondo with SIX assists already? What a monster

You know, Glenn Davis is a good player. Imagine how good he’d be if he bothered to get in shape.

It feels like Paul Pierce isn't even playing in this game.

Problem is he will show up in crunch time ... Hope we even have a crunch time

I remember when the Spurs were rumored to be getting Glen Davis, everybody was against it, myself included..I'd love to have him right now, he's easily better than any of the 2nd bigs on this team IMO..

Ugh, Jermaine O'Neal made a shot..disgusting..

I hate Nate

And 8 assists for RONDOOOOOO

Gnat Robinson’s going to kill us for 35 this game. Ugh.

Rondo's' assists are a sham, most of his assists should be 40% FG% jumpers like any other point guard. Its embarassing the way the teams are leaving him open now. Pretty much its either a layup with him or has to be an assist as he stands there wide open, waiting to dish to Allen or KG or whoever.

Do Wafer and Harangody get regular playing time or is Rivers giving scrubs some minutes???

Spurs have the lead, but now the real Celtics come back again

Spurs have to win this game..the Celtics are playing Harangody(sp?), Von Wafer and Jermaine O'Neal..their weapons are limited..

Who calls a lane vilolation these days?

The C’s version of Joey C, Bill Kennedy.

How the hell does Tim let Shaq beat him down the court?

Ray Allen is killing Hill. Hill is just holding him.

Die Ray Allen

Rondo is just the best there is at the PG spot in the league right now.

If Rondo could improve his shooting he would be even deadlier. He passes up so many open shots.

Phew, that could have been a moving screen on TD.

Where ist that great Boston defense everybody is talking about? Its not there either

Well, their most important defensive player is missing.

Ah, the Shaq free throw. Still ugly after all these years…

Rondo has 10 assists. The Spurs as a team has 10 assists.

I like players who exceed expectations. Paul Pierce is certainly one of those.

Announcers dreading missing out on TD

They've never gotten over it.

Still can't comprehend why the Spurs won't capitalize on Garnett's absence.

Shaq, Davis, and O'Neal are not necessarily scrubs in the defensive post, especially in a system as solid as Doc's. Sure, the door may be cracked with KG out, but it's far from blown wide open

BTW, the defense is just as sucky as last night... Boston just isn't an up tempo team... But if somebody can figure out how to stop Allen or Pierce, raise a hand...

Ray Allen's movement off the ball is unreal and Pierce is making shots without any air space in the area. If one of them cools off, we have to make a run.

Not sure how to stop Ray Allen coming off of double screens down low. His quick curl out of those picks and insane release time are going to be difficult to stop.

Damn Blair! Don't just collect the foul, put Pierce on his ass!

We need to go back to hiding as the boring Spurs. Since our record is too good, we have entire teams improve their game instead of just the single formerly unknown random player having a career game.

Allen has a beautiful shot….

It seems Ray Allen can not be stopped.

Haha. Boston announcer: “Well, Duncan’s gonna take those shots, because Shaq doesn’t want to get beat by, uh, Duncan’s quickness.”

Did they mean “Duncan’s slowness”? The guy is ancient.

Can these announcers be more one sided? No wonder why the Celtics are such a whiny team. It even shows in the announcers

Somebody mustve already said it, but shaq looks terrible in green

Its so weird to see a great like Shaq be a journeyman….like some circus sideshow touring the NBA

It is weird, and kind of sad. I used to hate shaq, but now I just feel almost sorry for the big guy.

I hate Rondo

Ray Ray is great.

I hate Rondo AND Ray Allen

Doc pulls out his pouty face and refs turn over the call.

This defense is just way too poor for this team to get past the second round.

Hill and manu did a good job on Kobe....why are they sucking at defending Allen??

Kobe is not running off screens, but creates his shot himself

I forgot how many moving screens Boston gets away with on every game... Maddening...

Fat Baby can't be stopped.

Big Baby Davis looks like a black Baby Huey. Man - that guy is a chubby dude.

18 assists for Rondo. Let me guess, 10 of them are Ray Allen jumpers and 8 are Glen Davis jumpers.

I like Glen Davis but this is ridiculous.

Celtics playing some serious defense.

It seems like the only offense Boston has is Rondo Pass -> Shot. No wonder he's averaging like 15 assists.

Tony should pass the f***ing ball one day.

According to Doc Rivers and the fans - Celtics never foul

You have to wonder if we're one scoring drought away from Pop quitting again..

I think the Spurs lack of D is just getting exposed. Plus, if you out them up against a well above average defensive team, the Spurs have nothing to hang their hat on to get back into the game.

Okay, time for Pop to quit. Got another game in two nights, you know.

These spurs just aren't good enough.

Man second game in a row where the home team is playing with pure luck

Jesus rondo with the assist again…. How many does he have 1000?

Should we hold up the “Beat LA” signs right about now?

Now if we could stop somebody, we wouldn't need to rely on the 3 point shot so much... Obviously the 'message' Pop sent last night entered on one ear and left on the other...

At this stage you'd have to put the Spurs in the pretender category. The team has too many players that make mental errors all the time and continually show poor judgment and LOTS of holes defensively.

Good thing Jermaine is shooting like 36% this year.

If we can't close this gap with Pierce and Allen out, we're done

Celtics look a championship defensive team right now. . This is without KG.

I said on Christmas Day (even though they lost) that if they stay 100% healthy I don't think anyone will beat them this year. Granted, that's one major caveat. But they play defense at a championship caliber, and have the horses in the front court to do it game in and game out.

Perkins, Fat Infant, Fat Shaq, J Oneal? You kidding me? They have the highest ceiling for a team, defensively IMO, and they have the veteran savviness, and clutch factor, as well as length and athleticism.

That's a hell of a lot of cliches in one sentence.

Rondo is owning us

Did I mention how much I hate Rondo - I wish he was still injured

Spurs need a run and God I want them to win to shut up these Cs announcers - morbidly homers beyond belief.

Our defense is based on the fact that players don't shoot 100%.

Paul Pierce will close out this game, Celtics win ... Book it

Rondo comes down on top of Manu and whaps him with his arm… call against Manu… makes sense.

Rivers is a great guy, no doubt. But he may be the whiniest coach when it comes to fouls.

WHY are we so bad against the East?

It’s a part of the Spurs self-esteem program for the rest of the League.

God damn Fat baby is playing like Jordan.

(Dejuan Blair please watch and learn from Fat need to hit jumpers like that)

Why does it seem like they’re, seriously, favoring the celt’s? Like they got a memo… “this small market team is killing everyone. We need Boston to win.”

Pop is behaving like Kobe. Cannot suffer losing as a man.

Nobody can guard Ray Allen... Great execution by Boston

We're not even a top 4 team in the league without any D

Ugh I hate the Celtics, bunch of 40 yr old f***s

Good job Celtics, you deserved to win this game. If KG was there we'd lose by 20.


Because they have the best D in the league.

The refs are letting them maul our guys. That’s why!

When did Davis get a jumper?

About the same time Rondo did – right before this game, apparently.

Allen is contagious

Just a matter of time before Shaq starts shooting fade aways.

Rondo can take those jumpers all day if he wants we can live with that

Really? He almost has a triple double. I’d rather not live with it.

This is a clinic by Celtics. Great team

They replaced O’Neal with O’Neal. Is it legal?

anything’s legal for the celt’s tonight.

Seriously? The shortest guy on the f'ing court gets an offensive rebound 2 feet from the rim in crunch time?

Celts are clearly the superior team tonight. Spurs record is fool's gold.

I apologize for saying Celtics are scrubs

ROFL fouling Ray Allen. Let's just go home with some shred of decency guys

Manu passed to Rondo hoping to get the ball back. Rondo failed.

I had no idea that Boston was such a great jump shooting team.

They have a great pg

Well these two games is enough to tell me how mentally weak the Spurs are. You come off an embarrassing defensive performance and follow it up with another horrible defensive performance. Championship teams don't do this.

Lol refs not calling fouls?

Can we stop bitching about the refs now?

The good news is maybe Tommy Heinsohn will choke off and die on-air.

The only reason Ray f***ing Allen missed two free throws in a row is because he is on my fantasy team. You on this site can all thank me later if we win this.

I said it earlier that Paul Pierce would close out this game ... Just did not think it would be a defensive play

We don't deserve to win a game we allow the opponent to shoot 61%

Two losses in a row - for the 1st time this season. I'm depressed - not just because we lost last night and tonight, but because the Spurs are looking like crap.

Why didn't Manu shot right after his fake over Daniels ?
He could have FT like he always does

I'm still in shock. Rayray misses two fts in crunch time, and manu does not make a game winning play

And somewhere hamburgers are eating people

Rondo – 22 assists
Spurs – 20 assists

22? Seriously? He was good but someone at the scorer’s table is cooking the books.

The only discouraging thing about this game to me was that Boston was without KG and Perk. Having those two guys back would make them so much stronger, that I am not sure we can win against them.