When Celtics rookie Luke Harrangody was not given his longtime #44 this Summer, some speculated that Danny Ainge might be getting his number retired. To me this would have been ridiculous for the one time NBA all-star. The more realistic explanation was that Boston Celtics great Brian Scalabrine was going to get the honor. Celtics Life has learned that in fact the retirement ceremony is going down tonight at halftime of the Celtics/Bulls game. 

When reached for comment the Celtics initially would neither confirm nor deny the ceremony, but Danny Ainge took to his favorite medium, twitter, to tweet the following:
Wyc has been wanting to honor Brian for quite some time. We actually considered retiring his number last year while he was still a member of the team, but then we thought that might start a bad precedent. What would Paul Pierce and Von Wafer think? Would we have to retire their numbers while still in uniform as well?

Personally for me this is rather special, because my shining moment as a GM was signing Scal for 15 million. Talk about a low risk signing that brought huge rewards huh? And I feel like Steve Kuberski must have felt seeing his #33 retired. I've talked to Kevin Gamble and Allan Ray and they both have the same sentiments and are looking forward to Pierce's and Wafer's days.
Doc Rivers who previously was quoted saying that Brian Scalabrine is a one of a kind player, a treasure who you should never let go added:

My three top moments in my life after tonight will be my first child's birth, the 2008 title, and Scal's number going up. Losing Thibs was like a blow to the gut, but losing Scal was like my testacles were put through a cheese grinder. And that's not hyperbole. I actually tried it and it felt almost the same.
Brian "Intangibles" Scalabrine averaged 2.7 points, and 1.5 rebounds a game over his five illustrious seasons in Boston. I expect the Garden crowd to give him a record long standing ovation both prior to the game and then to break that record during the retirement ceremony. I can not be at the game tonight, but I will be wearing an oversized head band and standing in front of my tv at home. I expect you all to do the same.

*There's a tiny possibility this column is purely satire.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The funnier part is the 20 percent of people that will believe it.

  2. tb727 says:

    Absolutely hilarious. And here I was thinking Findog would get his number retired first:

    Finley to get his number 40 retired

  3. Anonymous says:

    LOL Highlarious shit!

  4. Anonymous says:


  5. Karl says:

    Awesome. I wish it was true!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Are they serious?! Are they retiring it with Scal's name or with Ainge's name since he wore the same #.
    If they are retiring Scal's number, they should retire #50 in honor of Eddie, #41 in honor of Posey, and #42 in honor of Tony.
    lmao ;)

  7. ROFL!! Too funny. The best part was Danny's twitter name. That will have me chuckling for days!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    WHAT! That's SO STUPID!!!!

  9. J-Dubz says:

    Congratz, Scal! Now you'll forever be enshrined.

    You guys have to remember, this guy was the Finals MVP in '08.


  10. DH says:

    The best part of this article is the Doc Rivers quote. LOL! Great satirical piece!

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