After squaring off during a two on two exercise last week, it appeared that all was well again between Delonte West and Von Wafer.   But today, it appears that there are hard feelings between the two guards who are basically fighting for the same spot on the team, as a back up at the 2 guard. 

Alex Kennedy reports from practice: 

After another intense three-on-three game in practice today, Delonte West and Von Wafer got into a fist fight in the locker room.

Punches were thrown and the players had to be separated. The Celtics are considering releasing West, who is on a non-guaranteed contract.

Sources say that Wafer tried to walk away but West followed him into the locker room and threw the first punch. Doc and vets aren't happy.
Delonte has the talent to help this team and be a big part of what they are doing but he has to buy into ubuntu for that to happen.   This is the second time there has been an incident between these two, both times being instigated by West.   This team practices hard and they go at each other on the court, and that makes them a better team.   But if players can't leave the competition on the floor, it is going to disrupt the team's chemistry.   I know Delonte must be frustrated by not being able to play, but this isn't the way to deal with those frustrations.   It will be interesting to see if Doc and the vets can reel Delonte in or if they will be forced to release him in the interest of keeping ubuntu intact.   For more information on the incident, you can read the article here.  

Wafer issued this post to Twitter:
Today was a test!...I am a professional and will continue to conduct myself as one...God has a plan for me  i love my team 
Adrian Wojnarowski has reported that West has been furious with Wafer since their last altercation, believing that Wafer was responsible for the anonymous comment that was made at that time about being able to tell when Delonte was off his meds.

FLCeltsFan 10/29/2010 01:56:00 PM Edit
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  1. Karl says:

    Ugh. Why can't Delonte be a good person because he'd be a solid addition for us off the bench.

  2. Anonymous says:

    trade him or sit him until he apologizes to the team and the fans...

  3. I added a link to Alex's article on Hoopsworld. Delonte was way out of line and I wouldn't be surprised if they do let him go.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Delonte thinks he's a gangsta but he's not.those attitudes of him look so funny :D

  5. CoachBo says:

    Cut West now.

  6. Anonymous says:

    West needs to clean up his act. He will be a great addition with the 2nd unit so i hope Doc doesn't cut him. West needs to fix his issues asap.

  7. JR says:

    well if he wasn't already suspended, he would be getting suspended by the team right now. since he has a minimum contract maybe they can stash him away until hopefully he gets his life together.I have a feeling west is getting waived though soon. Sad.

  8. trentonkid says:

    Why is Wafer even on this team?? He has played 7 minutes in the first two games, you cannot tell me that if D West were not suspended he would not have played a helluva lot more than that!! Make a decision on one of these two guys and get the rotation set...

  9. ACF says:

    Karl said it best: Ugh.

  10. Anonymous says:

    It's a shame, West us a talented player but continues to have off-court issues that get in the way. He needs to get his life and attitude together. I hope he does, since I think he could be an integral part of the C's 2nd unit. But this kind if stuff is the total antithesis of ubuntu.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I hope they keep delonte West! They need to get rid of Von Wafer!! He is a BUM!!!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Now we’re all set, locked in our bets,
    We peel out into the night with Maurice Clarett,
    And Delonte West riding shotgun with a shotgun,
    Grey Goose, a katana, an AK and 3 hand guns

    Someone get the man his DOUGHHHHH NUTZ

  13. ACF says:

    "Despite fight between Delonte West and Von Wafer--the second spat between two this month--BOS not expected to release West, sources say."

    --Chris Mannix (Sports Illustrated) on Twitter

  14. Update in article above

  15. Jenda says:

    I hate to say I told you so.
    If the crap about his medication was not released by Wafer I say suspend West immediately, this is no way to behave for a guy that's 27 years old, not to mention for a Boston Celtic! The guy got suspended and no team would sign him because he was considered too much trouble and this is the way he responds to the kind gesture by Danny and Doc? I'm furious.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Maybe Wafer is after LeBron's mom and West is jealous...

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