One thing about Kendrick Perkins is the man always speaks the truth. He doesn't try and be politically correct and he doesn't just say what you want to hear. When asked how Game 7 would have turned out if he hadn't gotten injured, Perk had the following to say to the Boston Globe:
"If I would have played we would have won for sure. By double-figures."
Absolutely 100% correct. I've been saying this all Summer. The Lakers were about to break in that 3rd quarter and get blown out in a deciding Finals game again to the Celtics. The only reason they were able to come back is that our top rebounder and defensive presence was out. We were a man down and though 'Sheed gave it a valiant effort, he could not play as both the starting and backup center. Maybe if 'Sheed's lazy ass had been in shape he could have played extended minutes at a high clip for one game, but we'll never know.

Truth is that with Perk 'Sheed's conditioning would be a mute point. As would Rondo's free throw shooting. Celtics would have won Game 7 by double figures as Perk says (I think it would have been by over 20 personally). Kobe, Fisher, Gasol, and the Lakers would have folded once again (Any team that loses a deciding game by 38 has no pride). They were itching to fold in that 3rd quarter, but with 'Sheed's back acting up and the Big 3 playing extended minutes we had no Perk to call on. And no matter what any purple and egg yolk Fakers fan says, that's the truth. Perk doesn't lie.

p.s. And I don't want to hear about a healthy Andrew Bynum. That's some crazy oxymoron. That man is injured 90% of the time. It's like the Celtics talking about a healthy Len Bias.

JR 9/27/2010 05:39:00 PM Edit
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  1. tb727 says:

    I agree with this. Although I think the Celtics would've won Game 7 by just 9 points total, not double figures.

  2. Anonymous says:

    get over it guys! you guys lost.

  3. Lakers Bandwagon Fan says:

    Sorry forgot to leave my name on the above comment.

  4. tb727 says:

    You Laker internet trolls need to be wiped out with an atom bomb. Can't you just stay on your own sites? The next time I post on a Flaker blog will be my first.

  5. Anonymous says:

    kendrick perkins is fucking retard

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hey Boston by the way I am a Guy who does not like Boston sport teams at all.
    I just want to give you all a message any time a Boston losees a champonship it make me so happy because if the city of boston losses a champonship it makes you city fans miserable hey and any time a rival team wins like colts,Lakers,Yankees win a champonship it makes me more happy because i makes you more miserable.
    O and seeing the Lakers winning makes me more happy.

  7. Lamar Scrotum says:

    You got to love analymous Laker fans on a Celtics site. Can you say no life?

  8. fuck you perk i hate you i hope you get traded.

  9. Anonymous says:

    maybe celtics will get "lucky" since they have a "big leprachan" lmao! celtics need to focus on just gettin to the eastern finals cuz they got a few teams to try to go thru, which aint gonna happen now that heat gunned up(fuk them too) but yea lakers woulda pulled that shit out fasho. remember that its still L.A so somebody on that celtics team woulda got fukd up and injured regarless for that ring so hate on boston dikfaces!!!

  10. tb727 says:

    Last anonymous, you're a dick

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