I think Danny said he had a plan B, C, D, and E. What about F? Ronnie Brewer turned down a similar contract offer from the Celtics to sign with the Bulls today according to Yahoo! Matt Barnes via his twitter is saying a couple new teams have entered the equation and he is postponing his "Decision." Childress and Redick have already been signed and as you all know TA is taking his defense to Memphis. The only viable wing still in play is Josh Howard, who could only be acquired via a sign and trade with Rasheed Wallace's contract and additional incentives to the Wizards. How confident can one be in Danny Ainge right now? 
Since adding House and Posey three years ago, we've seen solid players leave, but none really come in. 
Patrick O'Bryant, Mikki Moore, and J.R. Giddens were disasters. Stephon Marbury was adequate I guess, but nothing to write home about. Rasheed stunk up the joint in the regular season, played better in the postseason, but his shot left him in the Finals (check the stats). Marquis Daniels got injured as expected and didn't care much as was his rep. Nate Robinson failed to win the back-up point guard position and became only a situational sub. I was hoping Danny could bring in Michael Beasley or Al Jefferson who were being  shopped on clearance or acquire Marvin Williams or Josh Childress via a sign and trade, as well as trade a future pick for Rudy Fernandez. Right now things aren't looking so bright. With the Heat super team and an improved Bulls squad, coupled with the Big 3 a year older and Perk on the shelf (We lost the 3 playoff games Perk missed/left early due to injury/ejection) standing pat won't get us back to the Finals. It's been 3 years Danny. Time to "get on the ball" to quote Paul Pierce for truth.

JR 7/16/2010 03:30:00 PM Edit
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  1. I like your point. If they brought in a solid guy like Beasley or even Jefferson (which would be amazing) we would pretty much be unstoppable. It seems like every team is improving this offseason (except for the Cavs) and we are at a standstill. No I will rephrase that we are going downhill. Signing Jermaine O'neal is like singing a crappier version of Sheed. Also how did Danny let TA go? He is honest to God the best perimeter defender on the team.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Brewer signed 3 years, $12 million. Celtics never could have matched that or really come close. Celtics need someone to come in at the veteran min who will take less money to compete for a title. Right now, why would guys do that when there are teams out there (Bulls, Magic) that can offer more money and the same chance?

  3. Anonymous says:

    What moves has Danny not made that he should have? Al Jefferson was never an option - how could he ever have been paid here? Al makes I think $12-14 million - Celtics are over the luxury tax, which means double that. Is that a smart move? Beasley - what has anyone seen from him since college to make you think he can play in the NBA? Guys got benched by a bad team in the playoffs.

    The only real move Danny has left to bring in any talent is trading Sheed's contract. Any failures were not this offseason - they were failing to bring in Maggette after '08, or Grant Hill last year. Right now though, his hands are tied. Too many teams that will be competitive have money to spend.

  4. Unknown says:

    @ Anonymous 3:38 Celtics offered Brewer similar deal but Brewer rejected it and signed with the Bulls. His reason for going there was that he would play with Boozer and Korver again. Also, he will start for the Bulls - he'd be off the bench in Boston.

  5. tb727 says:

    Spot on with this. Personally I think Sheed was more productive than Marbury. Why draft a guard if you're gonna resign Nate Robinson to that ridiculous contract to play 15 minutes a night. If they don't acquire Josh Howard at this point this bench will be worse than the one in 2009, and we all know how horrendous that was.

    Some people, somewhere, are saying "Danny's a genius." Wrong.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I guess pay Janning to come here sigh

    Keep an eye on this Morgan kid if all else fails



  7. JR says:

    Yeah I would agree that 'Sheed was more productive than Marbury.

    What I keep coming back to was our bench in '08 was Posey, House, PJ, Powe, Tony, Baby and Cassell, while in 2010 we still had Tony and Baby, but had lost Posey, House, Powe, PJ, and Cassell and only added Rasheed (in terms of players Doc would play in the 8 man rotation).

    I have to think that if Danny had just added (or kept) the slightest bit more to our bench, we'd be 2010 NBA Champions. We were 4 points away as is. The Lakers were completely beatable but we just didn't have the weapons of our 2008 team. Not even close. And that's disappointing b/c you'll never know when we'll get that close again.

  8. JR, I'm sad again. Don't mention how close we were... :(

  9. Unknown says:

    fuck that loss will always be tainted. if we lost absolutely legitamately and LA was the better team, i could deal with it.

    dont see it that way...

  10. Bohemian says:

    Well, some people don't want to win a championship in 2011 and prefer to go to the Bulls.. :P

    We still have some options: Howard, Barnes, Butler, Wright...even Morrison LOL

    I have the impression that maybe they can't even use Sheed's contract because he may be back after all. It's tough to convince people to sign for the C's to come off the bench and for the minimum...

  11. Anonymous says:

    Face it,, The Celtics ownership are bottom line mentality. All the real contenders are in luxury territory. Granted everyone loves a bargain but the championship line is about worn out. $ talks BS walks! imo

  12. Bryan D says:

    How about somebody like a Roger Mason Jr. to have come off the bench and give us scoring. I hate Matt Barnes but he would be a very good fit in Boston with his defensive skills. Would there be a way to sign both (one being in a sign and trade). We then would have 2 good backup wing players, one defensive oreiented and the other offensive oriented.

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