Watching the Celtics players in the tunnel and hearing them even hours after the game, no one can ever question if they care or not. Doc talked about their not being a dry eye in the locker room. One of the dumbest arguments I've heard since the loss is "This is why the Celtics needed to go harder in the regular season and get home court advantage." The Celtics would have never made the Finals or even gotten past Cleveland if they took that approach. The only reason we were able to make this amazing run is because Danny and Doc wisely gave Pierce and KG some rest during the season when it appeared each was breaking down. It paid off as both had enough left in the tank to go hard for the entire 24 game playoff run. 

I've been saying since before the season began that health was the C's main issue. If they could remain healthy, they could capture the crown. We were so close. All the way until around 9:30 on Tuesday night when our defensive anchor, our enforcer, our top rebounder, and the most underrated player in the NBA went down for the count. Those are the unfortunate breaks of the game. But this team did care, and they did what they needed to do to win us #18. As Doc mentioned last night. No one still has ever beaten a Rondo, Allen, Pierce, KG, Perkins line-up in a playoff series.

JR 6/18/2010 01:11:00 PM Edit
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  1. tb727 says:

    I gotta disagree with the last line- this lineup has been beaten. Perkins played as much of this series as he did in 2008 vs the Lakers. KG missed a game in the Miami series. This stuff happens.

    Whistling Phil's stat stays in tack

  2. GIl says:

    i do agree with JR with Rondo,Allen,Pierce,KG, and Perk was 3-2 on the Lakers!2008 is in the past minutes then have nothing to do with minutes in 2010 2 rebounds could have won us the game how can you believe if Perk wasn't in there we couldn't have stopped all offensive rebounds the lakers grabbed starting 5 is still undefeated!!1

  3. Anonymous says:


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