Not a great postseason for players parents. You've got Amar'e's mom getting arrested last night, the Delonte/Lebron's mom nonsense, Ray Allen's family getting harassed in Orlando and now this.
Willie Lorenzo Buie is the father of 28-year-old Boston Celtic Marquis Daniels.

Buie was charged with resisting arrest with violence.

According to an arrest report, Buie was being escorted out of the arena by security when he began tensing up and resisting. When another officer tried to help escort Buie out, Buie said, "I'm not going. (Expletive) you!" the arrest report said.

Several officers tried to restrain Buie, but the arrest report said he kept resisting, so he was shot with a Taser gun.
Poor Marquis. Things looked so bright for him before the injury. Now? Not so much.

JR 5/19/2010 04:34:00 PM Edit
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  1. JR says:

    They're now saying Buie is the stepdad of Marquis. I actually had thought they looked alike. My bad.

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