The cliché we kept hearing over and over again Saturday night was, “Will the Celtics flip the switch?” The idea being that the mundane play and demeanor of the C’s during the regular season would suddenly turn into an impassioned championship run. I mean, the Celtics already won a championship, why do they need to try during the regular season? Treating 82 games like the pre-season certainly ticked off a lot of fans (hence the booing and what-not). However, we could always cling to the hope that come playoff time, the flip would be switched.

Where did we get this idea? From everyone’s favorite Celtic, Rasheed Wallace, of course. Sheed pretty much stated that he wasn’t going to turn it on until the post-season. Before Saturday’s game he acknowledged his regular season performance as, “nothing to write home about…it was so-so” but then admitted a switch would flip come Game 1, “…that’s what gets me motivated, is the playoffs”. So, who better to keep a keen eye on than the apathetic yet loveable Sheed?

Well, Game 1 came and there was a big contribution from the second team. Only, Sheed wasn’t a part of it. Tony Allen and Big Baby came up big for Boston on both sides of the court. Sheed just kind of walked around I guess. Wallace played for 14 minutes. In that time, he went 1/1 and racked up 4 points, making 2/3 free throws. He turned the ball over once but did get a single defensive rebound. Had the switch been flipped? If this is what that looks like, hopefully not. I'd expect more. On the other hand, Sheed did not attempt a single 3 pointer; so, that’s a good sign. With Garnett suspended for Game 2, Sheed’s playing time is likely to increase. So, hopefully he can actually step it up. It did look like the rest of the team turned it on though. There was energy and passion – it kind of brought back memories of 2008. Will Sheed catch up? Maybe. He usually does take his time. 

Sheed Play of the Game:
With 1:12 to go in the first quarter, Boston down by 3. Sheed runs into and fouls Mario Chalmers after turning the ball over to Joel Anthony. This is the Sheed play of the game because we got to see his famous “What did I do?” face. That’s why we signed him!

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  1. Good stuff man. Welcome to the CelticsLife team.

  2. JR says:

    Yes welcome to CelticsLife Mike. You may also use the nickname the "Lazy Chucker" for Rasheed. I do think that between continued disappointing performances, Rasheed will throw in one gem during the playoffs and all his fans will be ecstatic. You know because even a blind squirrel catches a nut from time to time.

    If he doesn't have at least one gem of a playoff game I'm totally going to feel ripped off that that squirrel saying was a flat out LIE.

  3. tb727 says:

    He was a +7 and played good interior defense. I expect a solid Game 2 from him.

  4. JR says:

    TB, he was a +7 b/c his time on the court coincided with Tony "MJ" Allen's. lol.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Can the Celtics or are they looking to get rid of him after this season or are we stuck with him?

  6. Unknown says:

    We're stuck with him for two more years I believe...

  7. JR says:

    Danny had a chance to move him for DJ Augustin and likely a first round pick at the trade deadline. For some odd reason Larry Brown wanted him. Danny passed and like Mike said we're stuck with him now.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I have to admit I love it when Sheed goes after the officials. Definitely not the smartest move but with his rep he's not gettin the benefit of doubt and it's the most passion we've seen from him... ultimately we all hope he wants to win games

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