"The truest mark of being born with great qualities, is being born without envy"

Francois De La Rochefoucauld

Maybe it is not Lebron's fault after all, maybe he is just a product of the modern world. He is an instrument of how society builds itself in the last decades. Maybe he is not to blame for what he represents and what he means.

When someone mentions his name I can't help of thinking of Fast Food. It has an ideal package, the perfect marketing, a global result of the best promotion and probably the best tasting product in the market. You can buy it everywhere and everyone has tried it. The company is rich, he is rich, everyone gets rich while the rest of the world fattens in silent slumber while we grow the myth.

LeBron James has been designed to win by the league, and everybody knows this is true. Think about some of the following truths:

- He never gets fouled out. I mean, it is insulting for the rest of the players to know that no matter how physical he may get, he will never be punished by the referees

- He is a walking steroid. Are players tested for this? Guys like him or Howard are clearly muscled to perform unearthly physically plays. I am sure someone has ignored this fact.

- He travels all the time. Sometimes he even takes 4 or 5 steps in the direction of the basket. I mean, come on...what are basketball teachers going to say when kids ask them about it?

Lebron James is not a role model for anything, despite all the efforts displayed by Stern and his colleagues:

- He insults his own mother during a playoffs game. It was embarrassing to see KG and Paul calming him down

- He disrespects opponents in several ways, at the beginning and end of the games. It is well documented that he didn't even shake hands with the Magic players when he got eliminated from the playoffs last year

- He disrespects the ballboys as was published lately. And yes, he did see the kid coming.

- He doesn't pass the ball when critical moments arrive, doesn't trust his teammates as Larry, Magic or MJ did. It must be quite hard playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Lebron James is not a genuine product. It is just a copy of previous genetically altered league products:

- The powder throwing pregame ritual has already been made. KG has been doing it for years. Be creative, Lebron

- He is like Venom in the Spiderman series. He is a physically improved version of Kobe Bryant, copies Kobe's moves which in turn are an imperfect mirror of Michael Jordan's signature plays.

- As all copies, it loses class and IQ in the process. Kobe at least has won the rings before showing off and playing his show. He has trusted teammates as Pau Gasol or Shaq O'Neal. Kobe can defend (go and tell Westbrook) or pass the ball. He is just a smarter copy. Lebron can't simply do that, he doesn't have that talent. The copy is stronger but less complete...just simpler. But his envy for the aforementioned players is bigger. He wants to be like them, he imitates them. Nothing original there.

And finally Mr James is no King, he was won nothing so far in the league. Who came up with this nickname in the first place? Maybe it is time to play some Metallica in the Garden:

Bohemian 4/30/2010 04:47:00 AM Edit
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  1. Jenda says:

    I don't know if he's a walking steroid. Those guys really work their butts off in the gym, so I'd say with the nutritionists they have the muscles can be just pure muscles.
    Otherwise it is a great one. Too bad he's too dumb and selfish to read all of those articles about him being an ass.

  2. Bohemian says:

    Then why aren't there so strong players in other leagues in the world? There are other very important players around there that simply don't look as huge as Lebron or Dwight.

  3. Jenda says:

    Just look at football players, african americans have genetic dispositions for muscles to 'grow' much more, easier and faster than others.
    Some say it's due to the slavery, I don't know, I'm not genetic engineer.

    Oh and I wanted to say LeBron really has seriously crazy eyes on that powder throwing pic.

  4. Bohemian says:

    I know but there are many african american players playing in Europe and I don't remember any looking so...grown :P

    And there is also the way his face has changed (remember his jaw tumor?), he is never tired and plays 40 minutes per game...I have always thought he takes more than a pasta dish and soda for lunch ;)

  5. Jenda says:

    Bohemian, you should know that european leagues don't have the quality of US college basketball.lol

  6. Bohemian says:

    Last example of something not working well in the anti-steroid fight:

    "Former NBA player Juan Dixon has been banned from play in Europe after testing positive for steroids, according to his Spanish team Unicaja. The positive test for nandrolone came in November in Greece, before he joined the squad, according to the team."


  7. Jenda says:

    I didn't say it's not possible, just that I think some of those guys really work hard enough to be this ripped. However, I wouldn't be too surprised if it was pushed by Stern to increase the league income.

  8. Bohemian says:

    I know, Jenda. And of course some players are more physically "gifted" than others...otherwise gym rats such as Ray Allen or Reggie Miller back in the time would have been ripped too. I think some guys work hard and get ripped following the rules and others don't as in any other job. But I think it's very suspicious in the case of Lebron because he really looks not normal sometimes :P

  9. Bohemian says:

    And I think Stern knows this, but he is interested in the money Lebron generates

  10. Bohemian says:

    BTW, thanks Jenda for your comments :)

  11. Jenda says:

    I like to comment, it's much easier than to actually write something.

  12. JR says:

    That scene with his mother was ridiculously embarrassing. In the words of Mark Jackson "Come on man you're better than that." In reality I'm not so sure. Lebron to me is the Barry Bonds of basketball. I agree with Bohemian that I believe he's on something. Either roids or HGH or both. In almost all sports players have taken performance enhancers. It is only strong drug testing that has slowed the use. HGH is hard to test for anyway right now.

    My guess is that the rwo stars most likely on something would indeed be Lebron and Howard. I'm sure there are plenty of non-stars on stuff too. For example let's take a fringe NBA player like DJ Mbenga (just throwing a random name out there). If performance enhancers would make the difference between earning an NBA contract or having to play overseas, people don't think a guy like him might juice?

    I just don't believe that NBA players have some sort of ethics that players in every other sport haven't had. Lebron is on something. So was Ivan Drago. He's still going down.

  13. JR says:

    "I like to comment, it's much easier than to actually write something."

    Lol Jenda. The people that just comment add a LOT to the site.

  14. Bailey says:

    I actually have a lot of respect for LeBron. I think he plays hard and represents himself well off the court. He's a great public speaker and he uses his sponsors well. The issue with his mother was definitely a sign of his lack of maturity, but I don't equate him to Barry Bonds in baseball. Is it possible he takes steroids? Sure. But I don't believe it. He's a guard in a center's body. He's always been that big and athletic. I have a hard time understanding how any NBA fan could not at least respect him. I like watching him play, but I love seeing him lose to the Celtics.

  15. Jenda says:

    It is easy not to respect a douche. LeBron is the perfect example.

  16. JR says:

    I agree with the guy above me.

  17. Bailey says:

    Agree to disagree. I like LeBron. I think he's good for the NBA.

  18. Anonymous says:

    This is absolutely ludicrous. Look I hate Lebron as much as the next guy but to insinuate he’s on roids or PEDs with zero proof is not only irresponsible, but plain stupid. It’s not like he went from his high school self to the way he is now overnight. Plus some guys, white black yellow or purple, are just genetic freaks. You don’t see other players like James or Howard in Europe because there aren’t any. They are once in a generation athletic super freaks. Forget the strength, how many 6’8 humans can run like Lebron? And he was just as fast as in high school before he got all yoked. How many 6’11 humans can jump like Dwight? And he was falling out of the rafters to swat guys in highschool before he got jacked. I suppose since Usain Bolt ran under 9.6 seconds in the 100 means he’s on roids, right? These guys just hit the genetic lottery, nothing more nothing less. Don’t be stupid. You’re right about him being a petulant little bitch though. Spot on.

  19. Bohemian says:

    Anonymous, you are entitled to have your opinion but you don't seem to respect mine, don't you think? I think it is naive to think that some players are naturally like that and others aren't (outside from the NBA). You can believe from what you want but I don't think it is stupid to extract some truth from some visual evidence...so he is never tired and the rest of the league is, he never gets in foul trouble and the rest of the league does, he never travels...it's as if he has free permission to do anything. I don't like it. I prefer teams like our Celtics or the Spurs than watching a guy benefit from all the rules and shooting 30 times per night.

    I can't wait for tomorrow, let's beat the Cavs!

  20. tb727 says:

    Great article Bohemian. For the record growing up, I was CONVINCED Anthony Mason was on steroids but they just don't test.

    Until they start testing for it you can't put it past him and assume he's clean. At least I know I wont.

  21. tb727 says:

    At that level guys his size are just never that much quicker than their peers, or even guards. Off the top of my head I'd say Gerald Wallace is the second most athletic guy in the league, and LeBron still seems a step quicker than him...

  22. Nekolu says:

    he needs to grow up. like how kobe grew up.... i dont like kobe but i do respect the fact that he grew up from being a selfish player to an all around player.... Celtics all the way...

  23. Better Call Saul says:

    Well done, good sir.

    He's as phony as a three-dollar bill, and he's just as derivative as Kobe. Neither of them have any clue who they are other than emulating some sneaker commercial. Sad what sponsorships have done to suck away an athlete's persona, but he is a product of his times and he doesn't know any better, if that's an excuse.


  24. Jeff says:

    I completely agree with anonymous' point. Get some proper proof before you write such a scathing article.

    You state, "You can believe from what you want but I don't think it is stupid to extract some truth from some visual evidence...so he is never tired and the rest of the league is, he never gets in foul trouble and the rest of the league does, he never travels...it's as if he has free permission to do anything."

    So therefore he is a walking steroid? Talk about circumstantial evidence.

    Another point I disagree with is him being simply a dumber Kobe. His assists speak otherwise if anything else his basketball IQ is higher than Kobe's. The fact is he just hasn't had any other talent around him.

    At the end of the day this article was simply hating for the sake of hating. I understand its a Celtics blog and we all love our team but why so much hate - it makes us sound dumb?

  25. tb727 says:

    I love to hate. The more hate the better. I agree with you 100% as usual Bohemian :)

  26. babybug says:

    Have you guys seen that jackass Cleveland blogger, Bud Shaw's stuff?



  27. Bohemian says:

    The goal of this article was to state some facts, not to inspire hate. I simply would like a fair game, with fair rules for everybody. I believe that Lebron is not treated as the rest of the players and I just wrote the clear reasons why the league allows him to do many things that other players can't have. It's funny how we don't comment about the lack of fouls, the traveling, the lack of respect...

    It's not that I don't like Lebron, it's that I don't like the way he is treated by the league...and that makes me focus on other details. Look, he is an extremely good player so he wouldn't need that help from everybody to be really good. He is athletic, can score at will and do many things on the court. Plus, he has solid players around like Delonte, Williams, Varejao, Shaq, Jamison... If the Cavs had a more team oriented play they would be almost unbeatable. Instead of that we have a show most of the nights, someone using his own abilities and also some help from everybody to try and be the new hero of the league. I don't like it, it's merchandising. Let the Cavs play normally and then let them prove if they can win the title or not. It would be so beautiful to have a series like that, just talent vs talent with equal rules.

  28. Jenda says:

    Perhaps I've gotten it wrong but you don't need a proof to write something. That's the principal of theory, right?

  29. Anonymous says:

    Bohemian...I couldn't be more with you about the fact that Lebron gets treated differently on the court. He never fouls out and that isnt fair. Where the issue is, is the use of PEDs. You're right, I don't respect your opinion there because it's ridiculous. Again, I dislike Lebron, I'm actually a Magic fan. Everything else you wrote I thought was right though. Especially the traveling part.

  30. Anonymous says:

    And tb727...they do already test for PEDs. Rashard Lewis anyone?

  31. Bohemian says:

    Why is it ridiculous, because there is no proof? alright, go ask people who are not Cavs fans if they think Lebron and Dwight may be on something and let's see what they answer. Of course there is no proof, cause otherwise we wouldn't be discussing this, he would be suspended and banished from the league. But many people can visually suspect that Lebron and Dwight (for example) are on something because there is something "unnatural" about their physicality. Some people wonder about this and another just don't want to believe that such a potential fraud could be happening now, just as with many other news that we get everyday.

  32. Bohemian says:

    There are a lot of people wondering about this on the net too, just check this for example:


  33. JR says:

    Regarding Rashard Lewis, I might be wrong, but I believe he failed a standard drug test. The NBA doesn't have random drug testing like other sports, so let's say if you're on something you can take the precautions to mask it properly or be off it prior to the drug test preseason. That's my understanding and why it was so surprising to see Rashard come up positive.

    Basically you have to be really dumb to fail a drug test in the NBA as they have the weakest testing.

    Anyone that doesn't think that PED use occurs in the NBA has their head in the sand or is 1990's Bud Selig. Could it be less prevalent that MLB, track, the NFL, etc? Possibly. But on the other hand I don't believe NBA players have some higher morals where they would refrain from using. I'd be more suspect of fringe players trying to make it. With that said, if it came out that Lebron or D12 was using I would not be shocked in the least. Nor was I about Bonds, Bic Mac, Sosa, Manny, Clemens, Giambi, etc.

    Thinking that PED's aren't apart of the NBA is like thinking noone drinks in your child's high school.

  34. JR says:

    Thanks for the link Bohemian. A good read. The NBA has a joke of a drug policy. It's like 1990's baseball. If you want to use steroids or HGH in the NBA, you have to be an idiot to get busted.

    And for the record, Bohemian is probably the least hateful writer on this site. He wrote an opinion piece, which was very well written and one area he gave his opinion on was PED's. Many gave similar opinions on Sosa, McGuire, and Bonds when they were shattering records.

    I'm not into "hate" either. This wasn't a hate piece. Everyone is entitled to dislike certain players. I dislike Lebron, Shaq, and 'Sheed. Some people dislike anyone who wears purple and gold. Bohemian can dislike Lebron and his fakeness if he so desires. Glad to see you wrote another column today Bohemian.

  35. Bohemian says:

    Thanks a lot for your post JR, it's just awesome :))

    Just two more things to add:

    1. I simply want the game to be fair and let the best team win (and the Celtics have a clear advantage to prove that they are the best ;)

    2. The net and the press world in general is well aware of this suspicion, so this is not new. I just think it is evident that something is going on in the league. Then you have two ways to go: either you ignore these facts (i guess that's what Stern does) or you wonder and investigate a little about it.

  36. Bohemian says:

    And just for the record, I would like to add that I've never felt so comfortable participating in a blog like here. Celticslife is by far the best place to discuss about the C's. There is respect for all opinions, passion for the game and a lot of talented people who make this blog really original and refreshing. Thanks for this fantastic work, JR ;)

    Now, if only Sheed could finally give us a 15 point , 10 rebounds night on game 1 that would make things perfect ;)

  37. tb727 says:

    Bohemian I think you can take all my WTHHT's, add them up, and combined they don't have more comments than this article lol.

    I guess "LeBron James" triggers more responses than guys like Ramon Rivas, AJ Wynder and Matt Wenstrom. Who would've thought it lol

  38. JR says:

    Ramon Rivas was on roids! ;)

  39. Bohemian says:

    Ramon Rivas didn't need roids, he was all muscle :D

    TB, you forgot Otis Birdsong ;)

  40. JR says:

    I'm considering having a CelticsLife giveaway featuring Otis Birdsong autographed dollar bills.

  41. Bohemian says:

    That would be awesome! :)

    Do you think Otis would agree to a Celticslife interview??

  42. Jeff says:

    @Bohemian, I definitely respect your opinion, don't get me wrong. Do I have to agree with it to respect it? I don't think so.

    The whole point of a blog is to be able to express an opinion. People don't have to agree with it, and it's great that we get an opportunity to express it (in the comment section). And arguably, I think it is more fun when people do disagree.

    For the record I really like this blog as well - I wouldn't waste my time or money otherwise haha.

    Go C's!

  43. tb727 says:

    "I'm considering having a CelticsLife giveaway featuring Otis Birdsong autographed dollar bills."

    I'm in, but only if they're $2 bills lol.

    "Do you think Otis would agree to a Celticslife interview??"

    Only if I take down my scathing piece on him lol

  44. Bohemian says:

    Check this out:


  45. tb727 says:

    Funny, no argument from me.

    Having to listen to Reggie Miller is painful lol

  46. Jenda says:

    Agreed Bohemian, I have never felt so comfortable to comment!

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