Looks like Perkins will play tomorrow. He says his knee is still stiff and sore, so I'm thinking bringing him back this quickly is a mistake. Perk says its been bothering him for the past two months which would explain why we were seeing a different player than the Perk from earlier in the season and last year's playoffs. Most likely Pierce will be a no go after re-injuring the shoulder today in practice. Just play Scalabrine, Landry and three other non NBA caliber players for the final nine games. I just want a healthy team for the playoffs.

JR 3/30/2010 04:29:00 PM Edit
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  1. tb727 says:

    Oh good, Pierce's injury will open up the logjam so now Marquis, Findog, and Tony Allen ALL get time lol...

  2. Anonymous says:

    Celtic won't go any further if Scal plays on the floor.

  3. One time I tripped on the curb, and hurt my shoulder. It hurt a whole lot. But I didn't complain, I just walked it off. 10 years later my doctor was giving me a routine physical and said that I have a separated shoulder and asked me when it happened.

    Maybe Pierce should just suck it up and be as tough as me.

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