Is Less More?

How much playing time should TA get?

Last week TB wrote a great article on the Celtics problems with their rotation.  As we all know, in the playoffs the rotation usually shortens to about 8-9 guys playing serious minutes. Right now the Celtics play about 10-11 guys and Doc has a reputation for not being the best when it comes to time management. So I ask, is less more in this situation? Is it better to have an 8-9 man rotation or an 11-12 man rotation?

Some may say having depth like this is a good thing, especially with the injuries the Celtics have experienced.  However, basketball is the one sport where having too much of one thing isn't good. For example, Big Baby, Sheed, and Sheldon all get minutes and all do different things well. If you could combine all their best qualities into one you'd take it, right? Basketball isn't about having the best players all on one team. It's about fitting the pieces together. Look at the old Bulls dynasty. They had MJ and Scottie and then a bunch of guys like Bill Wennington who just fit their role.

The problem is who do you sit? Finley and Nate need minutes because they can single handedly win games with their shooting. On the other hand they can also shoot you out of games. Rasheed is the 6th man and Big Baby is one of the Celtics best offensive rebounders.  When do you play Tony Allen? He's been on my you know what list for a long time, but has played some good basketball this year. One would think he would get some playing time. However, if you play TA that takes away time from Marquis who while inconsistent this year, could help the Celtics tremendously in the playoffs.  Or what about Sheldon? Everytime he's in there he makes good things happen and deserves some court time.  It's like in football when they say if you have two quarterbacks you don't have any.  In basketball if you have too many bench guys you have none at all.

With that said, I think besides Rasheed they need to play whoever is playing well that game. Doc has this terrible habit of going into a game with an idea of who he wants to play and not adjusting lineups depending on who is playing well. If Finley and Nate aren't hitting their shots, sit them. If TA starts reverting back to the Tony "Heart Attack" Allen of past years, sit him.  If or rather when Rasheed starts jacking up threes sit him too.  If Big Baby misses 2 easy layups in a row throw Sheldon in there. Hell, if things get real bad put the red head in.

The point is, while less is more in basketball you need to adapt to what you have as well. The Celtics don't have a set rotation right now so they need to adjust on the fly. Will Doc be able to resist the urge of playing a set rotation? We will have to wait and see.

Who do you think should get the most minutes come playoff time?