He'll be going against Kevin Durant and Omri Casspi. Expect Rondo to try and win with his crazy spin shots or maybe with that behind the backboard shot from the Philly game early in the season (Insert "Expect Casspi and Durant to try and knock Rondo out with free throws" joke here).

After the jump, Paul is pulled from practice and questionable for Wednesday's game and Davis reacts to Saints victory.

JR 2/08/2010 04:54:00 PM Edit
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  1. tb727 says:

    What a dumb contest for him to be in. Just shoot 17 footers and it's over for Rondo.

    Seriously this is like Earl Boykins entering the dunk contest, just retarded...

  2. ThomasJ says:

    You have to get 5 letters/misses to be knocked out, so Rondo will have a chance to do some tricky stuff.

  3. tb727 says:

    Yep 5 free throws made by Durant and then see ya Rajon lol.

    Do they televise this event or just show the highlights, anyone know?

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