Well in my opinion Danny blew a great opportunity to acquire Caron Butler this past weekend. All Washington wanted was expiring contracts. Dallas was refusing to trade Howard's expiring contract straight up for Caron. They were demanding they also get Haywood. A compromise was made with Dallas also taking Stevenson's contract and some cash to pay it off, as well as Butler and Haywood. So it seems that Danny could have had Butler and filler for Ray straight up. Disappointing.

Now there is a glimmer of hope that the Kings will trade Kevin Martin for an expiring contract if the other team will take Nocioni and his contract. Danny (and Wyc) HAVE to make this happen. It's not that I dislike Ray, but he's the only one of the big three that will bring anything back. Martin is 8 years younger and will give us much more moving forward than the soon to be 35 year old Ray Allen. He's a lethal shooter, who's young and long enough that playing with KG and in the Thibs system has the potential to improve on defense. I mean Ray is getting beat by JJ Reddick now, so it won't be hard to match that defense. Philly won't trade us Iguodola. Hinrich isn't a good enough addition. It's Kevin Martin or bust. C's missed the boat on Caron Butler. Only one more opportunity left. Make this happen Celtics!

JR 2/15/2010 07:51:00 PM Edit
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  1. tb727 says:

    Or is Monta Ellis* back in the mix lol?

    *Please note this does not mean we need to see another Monta Ellis photoshopped picture in Celtics gear :)

  2. Ian says:

    This could work we need someone who is not afraid to dunk the ball put a little threat inside the painted area and if you give him some space he can drain the jumper also. Well I agree with yah lets make this one happen

  3. Gil says:

    jr i couldnt agree with you more

  4. Karl Dillinger says:

    I love Kevin Martin's game, would be interesting to see him on the Celtics.

  5. Bohemian says:

    This would be a great deal. Plus, people really underestimate Nocioni. I've seen him play many times on Spanish TV when he played there (and I lived there) and he is really good. He is tough, more athletic than people think, good defender and has a pretty good shot.

    Get it done Danny! Tonight!

    (Imagine Martin and Allen have mysterious back spasms tonight ;)

  6. Anonymous says:

    This is the last chance to salvage the season Danny. Please sit down with the Maloofs tonight and get it done. They'd have 30+ games to gel for the post season. If they could also include Udrih, that'll be awesome.

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