At home no less. KG had 26 and 9 and Rondo had 13 and 17. Marquis continues to be one of our most solid contributors shooting 8 for 9 today. That's the end of the good news. Ray came back down to earth today, as streaky players do. Perk has disappeared, while 'Sheed continues to be allowed to do whatever harm he wants. Today that was shooting 4-13, which of course included 1-5 from the 3-point line. I blame most of this mess on Danny and the players, but Doc gets the blame for not benching 'Sheed after the first 3-point attempt each game. He'd bench Perk if he attempted a 3 right? Yeah, but Perk can't shoot 3's. News Flash: Our 7 foot back-up can't either.

I'm also amazed that Danny was so naive to think this team didn't need a major move. Caron Butler, Spencer Haywood, Tyrus Thomas, Kevin Martin, Antawn Jamison, Amar'e Stoudemire... the list goes on of players who were available for expiring contracts and picks, but Danny struck out. We needed to add youth and athleticism and the best Ainge could come up with was trading House and Walker (and his blown first rounder Giddens) for Nate Robinson. And that trade took Ainge like 3 days to complete.

To quote Michael Ray Richardson, "This ship be sinking." It's up to the 12 players in the locker room to somehow man-up between now and the beginning of the payoffs. After watching the Sox come back from a 3-0 hole to the Yankees in 2004, I never count out a team, but we're at that point right now. Maybe its time for some Jack Daniels. I guess Danny could sign Kevin Millar with one of the open roster spots he refused to use on Leon Powe. The trade deadline has passed. What other options are there? Time for the players to "Cowboy Up" like the Red Sox did. Sounds pathetic, but that's the only hope we have.

JR 2/27/2010 05:16:00 PM Edit
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Millar is with the cubs this year. This team is awful. Sheed is one of the worst signing He's Raef Lafrentz just different tone.

  2. Jenda says:

    I just want to be really, REALLY rude at this point. Loss to Nets seems like one of the worst things imaginable.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Eddie House fits better on the Celtics than Nate Robinson! If they are trading him then they should have gotten better players.For the past 2 years, we have gotten Knicks players Stephon Marbury. I would rather trade for a Nets player!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Amen to that!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Rasheed Wallace is one of the worst players in the league.

  6. Farnia says:

    Every team have their ups and downs. Celtics need to work on the moviation on the team. Energy & encouragement - we have plenty of time to catch up and represent US.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Celtics are the wierdest team in the NBA. I watch most of their games and Im only 14 years old. This year has been the weirdest too many games that we should have won with the double digit leads. We should have a better record than the Cavs by now!!!!They are not playing like a smart team that they are and Paul Pierce needs to step up and carry this team. I remember how I loved watching him so much and now, I rather watch Carmelo play...

  8. tb727 says:

    Remember in NBA Jam when you'd hit a certain shot and the announcer would say "THE NAIL IN THE COFFIN!" ?

    Well the nail in the coffin was Thursday against Cleveland. I suppose today was headstone being erected.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I'm laughing cus Scal was playing for 17 minutes. What can he do????? Doc?????? Simplely Celtic is done this season.

  10. Anonymous says:

    What happened they had a great season 2 years ago a good one last year without KG and this is just pathetic we need to get rid of a player sheed *cough* andaleast make some good draft and trade decisions if we could grab D-Wade we'd be unstoppable.

  11. Jenda says:

    Let's see what can they pull of in Detroit.

  12. ThomasJ says:

    Good points JR!

    I agree with blaming Doc for not taking charge of the whole Rasheed debacle. He's the head coach. If they are going to resurrect this season Wallace has to be productive.

    Even though Sheed quit on Detroit last season, I thought playing for a championship in Boston with the great veteran players we have would motivate him big time.

    It sucks being so wrong.

    Bottom line is I won't be quitting on a team with veteran leaders like KG, Paul & Ray and young studs like Rondo & Perk until after the last playoff game.

  13. tb727 says:

    If I fell into a coma back in November and you told me Tony Allen and Brian Scalabrine were still on this team after the trade deadline I would've said you're nuts.

  14. ThomasJ says:

    The Wolves traded their Scal(Cardinal) for Darko,
    who is a stiff but still more useful than Scal or Cardinal.

    Scal may seem useless, but I'm sure Danny didn't move him cuz he's so vital to the team's great "chemistry".

  15. tb727 says:

    Exactly plus Minnesota or NY didn't have any title aspirations this year.

    I can't believe how awful this loss was today. I'm going to be talking about this one for years...

  16. Margaret says:

    I'm just glad I fell asleep on the couch during half time... woke up to hear the C's lost and wasn't sure if I was still sleeping or not. I can't give up on them either, but man - it's hard to watch.

  17. Marylou says:

    I was really shocked when I checked on the score in the fourth quarter and we were down by 14. Of course, I will never give up on the Celtics but this one was bizarre. They need to regroup and never let this happen again (losing to such a notoriously bad team).

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