• David Lee has played in 328 career games and has dished out at least 5 assists in 18 of those games. Of those 18, half of them have come in the last 15 games after he did it vs. the Pistons on MLK day.
  • In that same game and for just the second time in the last 23 years, the Detroit Pistons took at least 12 three-point attempts in a game without making a single one. The only other time was in a game in 1999 when they went 0-13.
  • Jon Brockman played 30 minutes in the Kings' loss to the Bobcats and pulled down 14 rebounds. However, he did not score a point which makes him the only player this season to grab at least 14 boards without scoring a single point. By the way Dennis Rodman accomplished this 10 times in the 93-94 season.
  • Three days after scoring 32 points on just 14 shots, Corey Maggette did the exact same thing against the Bulls. Maggette now has 3 of the 5 instances this year in which a player has scored at least 32 on 14 or fewer shots. Efficiency is spelled M-A-G-G-E-T-T-E.
  • Monta Ellis attempted 39 field goals against the Bulls and finished with 36 points. Since 1986 only one player has attempted at least 39 shots in a game while scoring fewer than Ellis' 36. Michael Jordan scored 29 points on 39 shots vs. the Spurs in a 1997 double-OT game.
  • After scoring just 11 points in the Lakers' win over Orlando, Kobe Bryant has scored 16 or fewer points 5 times this month. From 2005-2007 he did it just 4 times total.
  • Joe Johnson is 6'8", a great athlete, and often guards PGs who are half a foot shorter than him. But for the life of him, he can't block a shot. He has just 2 on the year which is the same number that 5'11" Ty Lawson has even though he's played over 600 fewer minutes than Johnson.
For more in-depth statistical analysis for all sports, please visit http://stats-dont-lie.blogspot.com/.

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  1. Karl Dillinger says:

    Great stats and welcome to the CelticsLife team! That Joe Johnson stat about his lack of blocked shots was very surprising.

  2. JR says:

    Kind of wild that it took Monta 25 more shots to get 4 more point than his teammate. I assume Maggette was probably living on the line.

  3. tb727 says:

    I don't like that Brockman guy. You heard it here first: he will get in a tussle with KG, Sheed or Perk when they play. I expect double technicals at least.

    Very interesting about the Joe Johnson stat. He's not a lockdown defender by any means but never would've guessed that.

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