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Perhaps if you were watching Wednesday's Celtics-Pistons game on television or radio, you heard a graphic expletive yelled over the air. That was Glen "Big Baby" Davis at a Detroit fan after the fan kept calling him "fat boy" during the first half.
Davis yelled back clearly a graphic remark that stunned fans sitting behind the Celtics bench. The fan, Scott Zack, was warned by arena security about his heckling but was determined to press the issue about Davis's remark.
Zack said he filed a complaint with NBA security and gave them all the details of the incident. Stay tuned if Davis is fined for his remark.

Oh I was wondering who yelled that. It was really loud, so I figured a fan had walked by one of the broadcasts, security had intervened and the fan yelled the graphic remark. For those wondering what the graphic remark was, Big Baby yelled "Suck my pacifier!" Except he didn't say pacifier... Obviously  Glen Davis is frustrated in how this season has gone for him after his solid playoff performance as a starter. I think he expected the big bucks and a starter role to come and neither happened. He was in great shape in preseason, but was getting squeezed on the minutes, and then the broken thumb incident.

I know some fans like to turn on players at the first sign of bad times, but I'm not ready to give up on Davis yet. And if you are, just know that his trade value is nothing right now, so the C's would be selling cellar low. Has Baby been showing maturity this year? Definitely not, but also remember that Larry Bird injured his hand in a fight himself when he was a young Celtic, in the playoffs no less. And while Baby's remark to the fan last night wasn't family friendly, at least he didn't do what Cedric Maxwell did in the following video.

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  1. tb727 says:

    I'd never seen that Maxwell thing. Stu Jackson wishes he could be jump in the Delorium, get it to 88 mph, and go back to that to hand out fines.

    For the record my 2nd Back to the Future reference in less than a week

  2. ThomasJ says:

    I don't remember Maxwell going after that guy either and I'm sure I was watching that game at the time. Pretty funny.

    As far as big baby, I'm all for not giving up on him as you would never get value for him right now.

    He is playing like a fat boy right now. I think his bricklaying has as much to do with lack of lift on his shot as his thumb injury.

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