Kevin Garnett continued his torrid shooting, and Paul Pierce broke out of a three game scoring slump with 21 points to lead the Celtics to a comfortable road victory over Kevin Durant and the Thunder. It seems like Garnett hasn't missed a shot in about 3 weeks. He went 10-11 last night and it has gotten to the point where every time he shoots that 18 foot jumper you know it is going in. Last night he had a little more help with Pierce coming up with 21 points, and the entire starting 5 scoring in double figures.

The game was never in doubt last night. Many people, including me, were a little nervous going in because the Thunder are such a young athletic team. A few minutes into the game I knew we had nothing to worry about. This was the first time I had seen the Thunder play this year, and their team should really be called the Durant's. Durant scored almost half their points and they really have no viable second option. Russell Westbrook and Jeff Green are good young players, but are at best 3rd or 4th options on any good team.
Eddie House had one of his best shooting games in awhile, which is a great sign for Boston. I always say, Eddie should not take any shots inside the three point line because that is just not his game. It's a myth that players have to be multidimensional to succeed in the NBA. If you do one thing great that is enough to make a career out of, just ask Steve Kerr.

The Celtics are playing at a high level now. The good news is they haven't gotten close to reaching their peak. To be a championship team, Rondo needs to get his free throw shooting percentage above 60%,  Ray needs to hit a better percentage of his 3's, the Captain needs to continue to play efficiently on the offensive end, and Rasheed needs to be on the block more.

In addition, Doc has to stay confident with the bench and keep them in the game in tight situation even if we end up losing a game or two. The only two players that don't really need any improvement are Perk and Garnett, the MVP's of this road trip. Garnett is back to his old self (what knee problem?), and Perk has proven he should be in consideration for the All Star team. Let's hope the C's continue this streak against a surprisingly good Bucks team next Tuesday.

Karl Dillinger 12/05/2009 10:19:00 AM Edit
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  1. Three Toe says:

    it's pretty amazing watching this starting five recently. We started with the big three, then rondo started going shithouse and proving himself as one of the top 5 point guards, now perk is ramping up all facets of his game too. ITS THE BIG 5 BABY!

    sorry i turned into tommy there for a second.

    anyways, i partially agree with you on eddie house. while he does only have one strong part to his game, it's one of the most valuable talents a player can have. someone who is solely a great rebounder or a great dunker will not be nearly as valuable. someone who is only a great shooter can bring a lot to a team as a bench player.

  2. ACF says:

    It was a great joy chatting with y'all yesterday. Seven in a row! The best part is, we're 9 and 1 on the road. Nine and one. 9-Oh. Impressive.

  3. Definetly agree Three Toe. Our starting 5 is solid top to bottom now. As for House, I was saying his just being a three point shooter is fine, Steve Kerr did the same thing and was great in that role. Especially in today's game three point specialists are a must to win.

    I enjoyed chatting as well ACF, let's do it again soon.

  4. ACF says:

    Oh, by the way:

    Notice how the Fakers have played 14 home games and only 4 games away at this point? We've played 10 games at home, 10 games away. Your secret plot to keep us out of the Finals won't work, Mr. Stern...

  5. Anonymous says:

    from SSF

    ACF, the home court games are the ones killing the green. 3 losses at home already is mind boggling.

  6. ThomasJ says:

    I've only followed the C's on a daily basis for these last 3 seasons. But when has Pierce been in this kind of shape? He's light on his feet and looking quicker. KG hasn't looked as good as he has in the last 5 games since the 2008 finals. Plus Rondo and Perk have matured and progressed and both deserve to be in the allstar game. Ray has still got his shot and add the bench esp when baby gets back and sheed gets in shape and barring injury this team will win any seven game series.

  7. Anonymous says:



    The Greg Oden pick is looking like it could be one of the bigger busts in a very long time, especially when one throws in the fact that they could of had Durant.

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