One of them was the C's point guard of the future.  I have him on a poster with Reggie Lewis, the two of them superimposed on the Garden with the title "Changing of the Guard."  The other was the first Celtic rookie to start a game since Larry Bird.  Not spectacular in any one area, but could be a key piece to the future.  They were the first round picks of the Celtics in 1988 and 1991 respectively.  So tell me who do you hate more, Brian Shaw or Rick Fox?

Shaw was the point guard for the 1991 team, one of my favorite Celtic teams of all time.  They began the year 29-5 with a terrific infusion of youth (Shaw, Lewis, Kevin Gamble and Dee Brown) and experience (Bird, McHale, Parish) and tough, scrappy guys (Derek Smith, Ed Pinckney).  I remember Shaw averaged 13 ppg that year and was on a t-shirt along with Lewis, Gamble and Brown titled "Zip Boys" that I owned.  His game dropped that year in the playoffs, one of the reasons the Celts were knocked out in the 2nd round by the Pistons.  He never seemed to play on that level again.  Jettisoned to Miami for Sherman Douglas, then playing for Orlando, Golden State, Philadelphia and one game with Portland, he was waived by the Blazers to join the enemy in 2000.  The fact he hit those big shots vs the Blazers in Game 7 that year with the Lakers was painful enough.  The fact the Blazers waived him to keep guys like Greg Anthony and Bonzi Wells and Stacey Augmon was still the right call.  Shaw wasn't better than any of them.

But then he won 2 more titles with the Lakers the following 2 seasons and now sits next to Whistling Phil on his high chair on the Lakers bench.  I seriously hate him.

Who's the biggest jackass in this photo?

Ulrich Fox (that's his real name I swear) signed with the Lakers after 6 seasons with the Celtics.  When the Evil Emperor took over in the summer of 1997, the C's didn't pick up his contract.  He also won those 3 titles with the Lakers and for a long time was probably the only professional athlete with a more famous wife, until she dumped his sorry ass.  When the C's faced them in the 2008 Finals, he even admitted he was more of a Laker than a Celtic.  Hence I'm glad he was booed by the Celtic fans- he deserved to be.

As far as I'm concerned this is still my favorite moment of Rick Fox:

So who do you hate more?  Personally I detest them both.  If they went to San Antonio and won a title I wouldn't have cared (I actually was happy for Gary Payton and Antoine Walker in Miami).  If they went somewhere and had a successful career like Chauncey Billups or Joe Johnson my only regret would have been losing them.  But they went to our enemy and won championships at our expense.

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8 Responses so far.

  1. JR says:

    Personally I don't hate either of them. I'm not someone that pays much mind to the Lakers. Both players were discarded by the C's. Ironically I can't stand Gary Payton at all and wasn't happy when he rode Dwyane Wade for a title in Miami. You do remember that Payton went ring chasing on the Lakers too and they collossally (I know not a word) choked? I was bummed when the C's traded Shaw, but grew to like Sherman a lot. Letting Fox and Wesley go to sign Travis Knight and Chris Mills wasn';t exactly the best of starts for Pitino huh? Actually his first move I think was trading Radja to the Sixers for Cage and 'Spoon, but Larry Brown flunked Radja's physical because he was still pissed at Pitino for stealing his Boston gig.

  2. tb727 says:

    Yes I detested Payton for going ring-chasing with the Lakers- but he was quickly absolved after playing for the best Celtics team in my opinion from 1992 to 2008, that being the 2005 Celtics. Furthermore him and Antoine were starters on the 2005 Celtics, and the very next season won that title, so I still liked them.

  3. JR says:

    Love that 80's defense by Worthy in the Shaw pic. Ironically i think Dillinger has a piece all written and ready to be posted called "Down with the Haters" Perfect timing ;)

  4. Bohemian says:

    I dislike Fox more than Shaw. I thought he would remain a Celtic and then he signed with the Fakers...he even said his blood was being changed from green to gold... heresy!

    Shaw could have been a great player, but he was lazy and played for the money (see his Italy episode).

    I don't like any of them, but Fox is even worse for some reason I don't get to know... :P

  5. Tollbooth Willy says:

    Brian Shaw will someday occupy a unique space in hell... where every day is St. Patrick's Day, or they get drafted in the first round by the most storied franchise in the NBA.

    Never wanted to play in Boston after we drafted him in the first place (unlike certain mature individuals who grew up Fakers fans such as Paul Pierce and acted as professionals).

    Engineered his defection to the joke Italian team... alienated the Celtics brass... fled back to LA as soon as he could. Where he can stay.

    What a little ponce.

  6. tb727 says:

    Thanks Tollbooth Willy! Plus your Adam Sandler skit is one of the funniest things I've ever heard in my life lol.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Fox didn't leave...he got kicked by a dumb Celtics regime. I'm happy for him.

  8. tb727 says:

    Btw that comment from Tollbooth Willy might be the best one all time on this site!

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