I haven't been able to catch any of the games yet because I live in DC, so I thought I'd write about "bandwagon fans." You know, the fan who likes a team just because they are good at the time, or because it is trendy to like them. Honestly, being a bandwagon fan is very understandable. It has to get frustrating to constantly rout for a team that sucks.

I'll admit, I'm somewhat of a bandwagon fan when it comes to football, but not in the traditional sense. First off, to be clear I've always been a fan of Boston sports teams. My parents weren't that into sports, so my grandpa, who lives in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, got me started watching Boston sports from an early age. It bugs me when people think I just like them because they have dominated the sports landscape for the last decade.

While I'm not a bandwagon fan, I do admit to jumping off the proverbial "wagon" and stepping into another one. During the 90's I was a huge 49ers fan. Actually until about 6 years ago I was. I had 3 football teams, the Niners, Pats, and Redskins. After TO and the crappy Niners management destroyed the franchise, I pretty much only followed the Pats and Skins.

The reason the Pats became my #1 football team was my time at Umass. I got to watch every game and see how a 1st class organization was run. Look, it's hard being a fan of a team that is never on TV and has no players to get excited about. Especially if that team is not your home town team and the other team you love is winning super bowls.

During the Steve Young era (who is my favorite player ever) the Niners were always on TV and I could follow them. Now they are on maybe once a year. I didn't jump on the Patriots wagon because I was always a fan, but I admit to disowning my 49ers fandom.Look, there is no rule that you can only like one team from each sport. However, if the Patriots suck at some point, and I become a fan of another team, you can call me the biggest sellout ever.

No one can call me a bandwagon fan of the Celtics. The Celtics have been my number 1 team since I was 6 and always will be. When they won the championship in 2008 it was one of the top 10 moments of my life. As for UNC, I really wanted to follow a college hoops team when I was a kid. Since my favorite active player at the time was Michael Jordan, I latched onto them. Plus their colors are awesome.

It is easy to understand why a person becomes a bandwagon fan, so I'm not going to hate on them. It becomes bad when your a habitual bandwagoner(great word). I've always been and will always be a Boston sports, Skins, and Tarheels fan no matter how much they suck down the road. By the way, my teams will suck at some point. Sports are cyclical and no one stays on top forever. I would say stick to your teams because then when they win you will feel so much better. You really never know what could happen. If you had told me the Celtics would win a championship this decade 5 years ago I would've laughed in your face. Remember it's just a game, when your team loses it doesn't mean your a loser. It took me 20 years to finally grasp that idea.

One more thing. One of the most annoying things a sports fan does is blindly defend their team. Look, the Lions suck, deal with it. Don't try to make excuses for them and say they should've won if they had scored 3 more touchdowns. What is even worse is people insulting another team just because they aren't their team. Look I'm not a fan of the Steelers, but I recognize they are probably the best franchise in sports. The stupidity and ignorance of some sports fans is remarkable. You have these intelligent people, but when their sports teams are involved they turn into idiots. Sorry for another random posting, can we start the regular season already!

Karl Dillinger 10/13/2009 12:05:00 AM Edit
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  1. I'm definitely not a bandwagon fan. I have been a fanatical Celtics fan from the 60's all the way through the Pitino years to present. I have loved this team just as much in the lean years as I do now. I had 22 long years after the 86 championship that I cheered just as hard for the team as I am now.

  2. Three Toe says:

    In accordance with my comment on one of your previous posts, people trying to come down on "bandwagon" fans are just trying to attain some kind of useless reverence by insisting they are more "down with the team" than others. No one with some strange sense of deluded seniority is going to tell me they are a "better" fan than anyone else. Besides, everybody jumped on a bandwagon at some point cause no one is born a fan.

    It feels good to win and it sucks to lose, people naturally gravitate away from teams that lose constantly. I'm not saying you are doing any of this, Karl or FL and I mean no offense to either of you guys, I'm just sick of the dick-measuring contest. And what's this malarkey about the Steelers being the best franchise in sports, man, WE ARE WRITING FOR A SITE THAT COVERS THE BEST FRANCHISE IN SPORTS!

  3. Three Toe says:

    Yes I realize the irony of my last comment given the title of my last post, but the post is actually non-sarcastically welcoming new fans!

  4. JR says:

    I love how you guys post your bandwagon fans articles back to back. "CelticsLife: Where Duplicity Happens" Is that the right word? I just saw that Julia Roberts/Clive Owen movie. Well regardless I'm posting this comment in both of your posts, so no one feels neglected. lol

  5. Bohemian says:

    I started being a fan in 1986 after a Celtics-Hawks match at the Garden that I caught on TV. Of course that year we got a ring but you have to understand that I was 9 years old when it happened. I was 15 when Larry Bird retired and we can fairly say that until then, being a Celtics fan was a true pleasure. After that everything was much more difficult, but I've always been a fan. My friends used to make fun of me during the ML Carr era, and I thought we were going to get another ring back in the Walker/Pierce times...but finally the time to celebrate rings and playoff wins arrived in 2007 and I am surely enjoying it.

    But no matter the Celtics record, no matter the circumstances I will always be bleeding green. Whether it's John Bagley, Gerald Green or Kevin Garnett wearing #5.

    Go C's, go!

  6. Oh man, I actually put this article to be posted at 12:05 am on post options. That is one crazy coincidence. Sorry, Three Toe definetly didn't mean to write the same thing as you.

  7. Three Toe says:

    It's no problem. Usually I start to write something, take various breaks, walk away for a while, etc. So by the time it actually gets posted, it's hours after I started it, but it appears before yours cause of the start time. Plus, if you read mine, you'll see they are really only related by the title, not the content.

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