Time to make some room on the ol' Bandwagon.

October is quite a volatile month in Boston. The general mood of the population is directly related to the status of the Red Sox and Patriots, and, to a lesser degree, Celtics and Bruins. I was in downtown Boston, attending the Celtics vs. Nets game last Sunday and let me tell you, people were... well let's just say that if you were to try to coerce people into high fives you would have been shanked within 10 minutes.

As locals with 2 or more of their 5 senses intact know, the beloved red sox got their beloved asses handed to them by angels. That's right, Papelbon pitched so badly, you could smell it. What happened over in Denver was not so much better. It's not like the Pats got swept right out of the play-offs, but a very frustrating overtime loss left people even more pissed off. It was the piss icing on a cake of shit. I'd like to go off on a quick tangent about this, if you wouldn't mind.
For those of you who do mind, just hold down alt and hit the F4 key and the next little bit will magically go away. (as well as this whole window wuahahaha)

If you see anyone on the NFL competition committee (just look for someone like this:)

please throw a football, as hard as you can, directly at their groin. Last year, there was a push by people that employ common sense to allow both teams at least one possession in overtime. The rule is, currently, whoever scores first in overtime wins the game. First possession, and usually the win, is given to the team that wins a coin toss. As this article points out, in 2008 (it's not one of the newest of articles), the team that wins the coin toss wins the game 63% of the time. That's not a guaranteed win by any means, but it certainly helps. Did this rule make it into the rule book? Um, did the Pats beat Denver? The short answer to both of those questions is "No" and the long answer is "No, cause why would the NFLCC adopt a rule that improves fairness and makes sense when they could be crapping all over the game of football with other excruciating-to-watch garbage like hair-trigger roughing the passer and pass interference calls." Long story still long, the teams didn't want to change the rule cause they have all been turned into huge bitches over the years, and now we know why.

Oh, yea, basketball blog... sorry, um, so who came away victorious on Black Sunday? Well, it's only sports... maybe we'll go with Dark Gray Sunday. So, who put up the big W on Dark Gray Sunday? Why our very own Celtics, of course! They looked great Friday, they looked great (from the floor seats [thanks mang!]) Sunday! Not to jinx it, but I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that they're gonna be pretty damn good the whole way through.

So give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses of aimlessly sulking Red Sox-cap wearing frat brothers and douchebags, baseball nerds and old timers, hot female bartenders with sox gear extorting good tip money from those previously mentioned, we lift our basketball beside that ridiculous glowing bridge!