Jayson Tatum and Derrick White both expected to ink long term extensions with Boston this summer

It has been a foregone conclusion that Jayson Tatum would sign a super max contract extension this summer, but there was some fear after the Celtics acquired and extended Kristaps Porzingis and Jrue Holiday that they might have to let Derrick White go. A financial casualty of Jaylen Brown making All-NBA a year ago and getting an additional 8 figures a season.

But put those fears to rest as Celtics ownership doesn't have any desire to break up this championship team anytime soon and are willing to pay whatever luxury tax is necessary and deal with whatever penalties are levied for surpassing certain NBA luxury tax aprons.

Tatum is eligible for a five-year, $315 million extension, which league circles view as inevitable. White's extension is also regarded as "near-certain," according to [Marc] Stein.

You'll recall the same ownership tasted some success immediately when Paul Pierce and Antoine Walker led Boston to the Eastern Conference Finals in 2002. This was Boston's most successful season in 15 years at that time. A key contributor was 6th man Rodney Rogers, but the team decided not to pay up to retain him in the offseason. The Celtics floundered and hit rock bottom before returning to glory in 2008.

Once again a key contributor was their 6th man, James Posey this time around. Once again the Celtics decided not to pay to retain their 6th man and they were bounced in the 2nd round the following year. Would they have knocked off Orlando that season with Posey? Yes in my opinion. And that was without KG of course.

The belief here is seeing how it took another 16 years to win another title, Celtics owners don't want to give up that feeling so easily again. The past 22 years of owning the Celtics has made the team's owners extremely rich just in the team's value alone. You already have all the houses you could possibly dream of. Why not give your fun business asset (a basketball team) the best chance to win?

White and Holiday are the perfect backcourt duo for the Jay's. This is great news for Celtics fans as the team will now have a decent window to try and do what no Celtics team has done since the early to mid 80's. And this of course to win multiple titles.