Former Boston Celtics guard Delonte West sadly arrested yet again

Former Boston Celtics guard Delonte West was arrested and placed in jail again today on misdemeanor charges of violating the conditions of his release and resisting arrest.

Fairfax County [Virginai] police spotted West around 1 a.m. in Groveton, Virginia, and sought to serve a warrant, police say. A pursuit ensued, and officers found him unresponsive after losing sight of him during the chase. Narcan, which can be used to treat narcotic overdoses in an emergency, was initially administered to West and didn't have the desired effect, according to a police statement. West was then transported to a local hospital, and Narcan worked after being administered a second time, police said. West was released from the hospital and transported to the Fairfax County Detention Center.

We'll continue to pray for Delonte that he can get his substance abuse problems under control and get a better handle on his underlying bipolar disorder.