95 year old Bob Cousy wants to see Celtics win Banner 18

I grew up listening to Bob Cousy as the color commentator on Celtics broadcasts. He was much harder to impress and his objectivity was the perfect balance to Tommy Heinsohn when the pair eventually teamed up with Mike Gorman. In my opinion it was disappointing and a major loss when the Celtics removed Cousy from the broadcasts. Cousy was not only the NBA's first superstar and perennial champion in Boston, but he was an educator to young fans listening to his takes on the air. If Cousy gave a player a superlative compliment, you knew they had earned it.

Unsurprisingly the absence of Cousy in the booth gave way to the modern generation contingent of Celtics fan that only is accepting of you if you proclaim, "Celtics in 4!" or that every Celtics players is grossly underrated and anyone who disagrees is a "hater." But Cousy has kept his fastball all these years since and cognitively hasn't lost a beat.

In this morning's Boston Globe, the soon to be 96 year old Bob Cousy stated how he desperately wants to see the Celtic capture Banner 18 in the coming days:

“I’m 95 [expletive] years old with one foot in the grave and I can barely move,” Cousy said over the phone after Game 2. “I know I’m in overtime. So everything in your life becomes more meaningful. And one of the last things I want to be able to see is for the Celtics to hang up banner No. 18.”

Let's win this for Cous!