Afternoon Delight: Hot off the success of the Brady special, Netflix to roast Paul Pierce next

Exciting breaking news Boston Celtics fans. If you loved seeing the camaraderie witnessed between Patriots legends of the past earlier this month as part of The Roast of Tom Brady on Netflix, Paul Pierce and some of his Celtics teammates will be up next!

"Roasting the Truth" is scheduled to be another live affair taking place on Thursday, July 11th, Celtics Life longtime investigative reporter Rondo Burgundy has learned. Netflix plans to go mano a mano with ESPN's ESPY awards thart night.

Rondo Burdundy has confirmed that Boston native Bill Burr will be hosting the event, while Tom Brady's host Kevin Hart will still be on the dais as a roaster himelf. Nikki Glaser and Jeff Ross who were on the Brady roast as well will also be participating. As will famous comics Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock.

As far as former Celtics teammates Rondo Burgundy has confirmed that Kevin Garnett, Shaquille O'Neal, Rajon Rondo will be roasting The Truth. Glen "Big Baby" Davis who was recently sentenced to three and a half years in prison will be roasting Pierce via satellite.

Pierce will also have his two favorite media members in the house with Brian Scalabrine (former teammate as well of course) and Celtics Life's very own Rondo Burgundy on the stage.

In an exclusive interview with Rondo Burgundy, Pierce disclosed he nixed three former NBA players who had lobbied to be on the dais, LeBron James, Rasheed Wallace, Dwyane Wade.

I didn't want LeBron on because he was going to be too soft and potentially cry. I told him, 'You were too scared to ever participate in the NBA Slam Dunk contest and you had [former Celtics guard Jordan] Crawford's video of him dunking on you at your camp cofiscated. Trust me bro, you don't have the stomach to be on this stage.'

As for 'Sheed, I still blame him for being out of shape in 2009-2010 and getting gassed the f#ck out in the second half of Game 7 when he needed him. He cost me my second ring."

And Wade? I'd rather sit on stage with shit in my shorts for three hours than have him there.

The line-up for July 11th seems pretty full, but similar to the Brady roast, Rondo Burgundy suspects there will be some surprise drop-ins. Three potential names he's heard are Kendrick Perkins, Danny Ainge, and Nate Robinson. The guess here is if Robonson participates it would be by sattelite with him visiting Big Baby in prison in a Shrek and Donkey reunion.

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