Shams: Celtics sense Porzingis injury is it's not an Achilles and may be a calf strain

Some potential good news on the Kristaps Porzingis front as Shams Charania reported today that the Celtics don't think the injury sustained by Kristaps Porzingis was his Achilles. Of course no one will know for sure untiu imaging comes back. Celtics fans are praying that whatever injury prognosis Porzingis receives will sideline him for no more than 5 weeks (aka when the NBA Finals begin). As I've mentioned many times this past year the key to the Celtics winning Banner 18 this year is Porzingis remaining healthy for the full playoffs. They say not to look ahead, but if championships matter to you, the full path to a title is important.

The Eastern Conference run has become a bit easier due to the injuries to stars like Giannis, Butler, and Embiid. But the Western Conference champion is very likley to bring with them a top shelf big man. Worst case scenario for the Celtics is the Nuggets and Joker. If it's just a calf strain Porzingis could be back in time, but I could also see the team being cautious, especially considering the team's troubled medical history dating back to Isaiah Thomas, whether that's warranted or not. Optics also matter.

You don't want another Kevin Durant situation where the team kept saying it was a calf injury and then he played and blew out his Achilles. It appears that Porzingis injured himself last night over compensating for already playing with an injury to his other leg.