Jontay Porter banned for life for manipulating and betting on NBA games

NBA commissioner Adam Silver today dropped the hammer on former Toronto Raptor Jontay Porter by disciplining him with a lifetime ban from the league. Porter is the perfect bit player for Silver to make an example of in order to dissuade more prominent NBA players from even thinking about getting involved with influencing or betting on NBA games.

The league found that Porter, 24, was “disclosing confidential information to sports bettors” and “limiting his own participation in one or more games for betting purposes.”

Porter, who split time between the Raptors and their G League affiliate, also placed at least 13 bets on NBA games from January through March of this year; none of those bets included games in which he played, but he did bet a parlay that included a wager on the Raptors losing.

Before the Raptors’ March 20 home game against the Kings, which Toronto lost 123-89, Porter informed someone he knew to be an NBA bettor about his health status, and another person associated with Porter put $80,000 on a parlay prop on “unders” for Porter in that game to win $1.1 million.

Porter “limited his own game participation to influence the outcome of one or more bets on his performance in at least one Raptors game,” according to the NBA.

Porter was found to have made a total of 13 NBA bets, and made a net profit of $21,965. Jontay's older brother is the Denver Nuggets Michael Porter Jr, who is currently playing on a $179 million dollar deal. Jontay probably should have just asked his older bro for some money instead of going down this dumb route.

Maybe he came into the league with a gambling addiction already, as it's hard to rationalize why he otherwise would have taken such a risk.