Confidence not lacking as Jayson Tatum states "I'm the BEST player in the NBA right now"

Personally you want your best player to think he's the best, because confidence is key. That said, words are just words, and actions speak louder. A player can claim they are the best to the public, but if internally they have doubts then the confidence is still not there.

With Tatum I do think he's at the point of his career where he knows how to balance being the "man" on the court with also not doing too much. Especially at the end of games you have to take what the defense gives you.

I'm glad to hear that Tatum is aware that he will be judged by championships and not just individal glory. Too many young stars didn't realize that and then were left ringless partly due to their decisions. Players like Stephon Marbury, Deron Williams, Vince Carter and Carmelo Anthony come to mind off the top of my head.

Steph likely would have had his best shot at a title staying with KG in Minnesota. Vince and (Tracy McGrady) remaining together in Toronto. Carmelo had his best team success in Denver. Deron Williams the same case in Utah. These players at critical points in their young stardom didn't prioritize winning above all else and all ended up ringless.

Credit to Jayson Tatum for focusing on winning a title more than an MVP award. Joel Embiid seemed to whine his way to an MVP last year, but hasn't even made the Finals ever. Tatum seems to get it.