Afternoon Delight: New series starring Jayson Tatum and Ime Udoka coming to HGTV in 2024

If you thought it was just a coincidence that one day after Jayson Tatum was ejected in Boston, the coach he's called his favorite, Ime Udoka, was ejected in Houston, you'd be wrong. According to Pulitzer prize winning Celtics Life Afternoon Delight investigative journalist Rondo Burgundy both moves were strategically done to preview their new upcoming HGTV series, "Ejection Brothers."

Apparently the reason Jayson Tatum has tended to complain to the refs way more than he should all these years was due to method acting. Moving forward, now that all the footage has been filmed for the Ejection Brothers' teaser and trailer, Tatum won't have to waste any more time arguing with refs which only hurts the Celtics.

According to Rondo Burgundy and his interview with the director of Ejection Brothers, LeBron was unaware that Ime Udoka was acting for a role on Saturday and James was just naturally acting as his normal "bitch ass self."

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