Kristaps Porzingis return unknown, will be reevaluated in a "week or so"

The language by Mazzulla is rather vague. They will "look at the injury in a week "or so." Does "or so" mean two or three weeks? And from the time they "look" at the injury again, how long will the timeline then be to return to the court?

The good news is that this doesn't sound like a Kevin Durant final season with the Warriors "calf" injury, which ended up being a much bigger deal. And truthfully since it's so early in the season, you can let Porzingis rest as long as you like with the intention of having him healthy for an entire playoffs.

The injury could be very minor and we will see him again on the court in a few weeks. Or it could still be an unknown and we might have to wait months. One thing is for sure, Brad Stevens put a lot of faith in Porzingis being healthy considering after he was acquired Boston got rid of both Grant and Robert Williams, two big men who had major roles for the team the past few years.

With Porzingis out, you simply can't burn out the lone capable big man left on your roster in 37 year old Al Horford, so the Celtics will need to whether the storm with guys like Luke Kornet playing big minutes and by going small.

Come the trade deadline, Stevens must address the lack of competent playoff big man depth on the roster. And I don't mean trading for some Mike Muscala type who won't see the floor in the playoffs. They need to add a legit big man option. Guess here is that if Porzingis' injury had happened like a week earlier, Stevens might have been able to scoop up Daniel Theis. The German big chose the Clippers instead of a third stint in Boston due in large part to avaialbe immediate playing time.