Derrick White and Celtics talking contract extension ahead of October 23rd deadline

With a week to go before the deadline for a contract extension, Derrick White and the Boston Celtics have been talking. White is still under contract for next season in addition to this coming one, so this is not like a Grant Williams thing.

After a very solid 2022-23 regular season and post season, White's stock is quite high. Complicating matters though is the fact the Celtics juist gave up a ton in a trade for another point guard in Jrue Holiday and have zero desire to just let the former Bucks' champion walk this coming summer.

Jaylen Brown just signed the richest contract in NBA history and Jayson Tatum will get even more next summer. So needless to say, in terms of getting a White deal done it will come down to price as always, but possibly even more in this case.

Due to the fact the Celtics have traded every first round pick save for Payton Pritchard, since drafting Jaysoin Tatum six years ago, the team does not have any cheap rookie contract players in their main rotation. So in order to maintain a competitve roster it looks like they will have to burst through that second luxury tax apron.