BREAKING: Celtics trade for Jrue Holiday

Malcolm Brogdon and Robert Williams and two first rounders for Jrue Holiday is quite the haul for the Portland Trail Blazers. It's on par or even more than the Miami Heat were offering for Damian Lillard.

So the Celtics swap big men Robert Williams and Grant Williams for Kristaps Porzingis and point guards Marcus Smart and Malcolm Brogdon for Jrue Holiday. Depth will be an issue, but Brad Stevens is banking highly that Porzingis and Holiday will be significant upgrades over Williams and Smart.

Stevens has also now traded six first round traffic picks (and a pick swap) since taking over for Danny Ainge two summers ago.

Celtics projected starting line-up options include a very big option and a smaller one:

A. Holiday, Brown, Tatum, Porzingis, Horford

B. Holiday, White, Brown, Tatum, Porzingis

The bigger option looks better on paper, while the smaller option might preserve Horford more in a 6th man role and allows Pritchard potentially to be the first guard off the bench.