Boston Celtics poised as top contenders for victory in the NBA 2023-2024 season

Although the 2023 NBA season has only recently come to a close, eager fans and analysts alike are already looking forward to the upcoming year. All eyes are particularly focused upon the NBA Championships and which team might very well walk away with the coveted Larry O'Brien trophy. The only issue is that even the most seasoned sports betting professionals have been wrong on occasion. Still, there are two top-tier teams which are nearly certain to make it into the playoffs.

Two clubs which have garnered a significant amount of attention are the Boston Celtics and the Denver Nuggets. Let's take a look at why the Nuggets may be able to pull off a victory similar to their 2023 conquest as well as why the Celtics could very well give this team a run for its money.

All Eyes Favor Denver?

It only stands to reason that the Denver Nuggets should represent a favorite throughout the upcoming season due to the simple fact that they were able to walk away with the 2022-2023 title. In other words, this sense of momentum will not go away any time soon and it will certainly not be lost upon other competitors.

Delving into the more technical aspects of Nuggets gameplay, a handful of players have already proven their mettle. Perhaps the best example of this observation can be seen in the performance of Nikola Jovic. When we take into account how he was able to dominate the courts last season, there is no reason to believe that this will suddenly change in 2024. Let's also point out the talent of Jamal Murray and his role in terms of offense. If these two are able to marshal other Nuggets players together, we could very well see a repeat of 2023.

Do Not Count the Celtics Out

Current scores and odds for the NBA already highlight the Celtics as one of the top contenders. In fact, many futures list them as second place to the Nuggets. It is also important to remember that Boston was initially a favourite in 2023 until what can only be called a staggering loss to the Miami Heat during game seven after making a 0-3 comeback. As the Celtics have recently added Kristaps Prozingis into their roster, this could be just what they need to rise to the occasion in 2024.

Although all yes will likely be focused on how Prozingis performs, other Celtics players such as Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum are just as potent if they can up their offensive game. These two wings have already shown that they have the capacity to lob a fair number of three-point shots. If they are able to improve their ball handling and passing skills, the Nuggets could very well be in for an unpleasant surprise.

Of course, no one is exactly sure what the 2023-24 season has in store. It is still relatively safe to assume that the Celtics and the Nuggets will both rise to the occasion.