Is Malcolm Brogdon still pissed at the Celtics?

According to the Boston Globe's Gary Washburn, the Celtics still have some mending to do with 6th man of the year Malcolm Brogdon, following the near trade of him to the Clippers in June.

"We’ll see how Malcolm (Brogdon) is. Malcolm’s the one I’m concerned about too, because we’ve heard nothing, and he’s angry with the team. I don’t think communication between the two sides has been fruitful. He might just say, 'Listen, I’m not getting surgery. I’m just gonna let this heal, and you’ll have to wait for me.' It could be a protest for being on the trade block."

The Celtics more or less swapped Marcus Smart and Kristaps Porzingis from last season's 8 man rotation for the oft-injured Kristaps Porzingis, making last season's 6th Man of the Year even more integral to this season's success. Problem is he was pissed and injured earlier in the Summer and he might still be pissed... and injured.

Protesting a trade by withholding surgery is quite the accusation, but if Brogdon is sidelined for a good portion of the regular season due to an eventual silver lining, the only bright spot is he'd presumably go into the playoffs healthy.