We're #1! We're #1! (NBA's most hated fans that is)

There are a ton of troll accounts on social media nowadays, who claim to be "parody" accounts writing satire, but apparetly they don't know what that is, because that's not at all what they do. Instead they pretend to be legit NBA sources and post fake player quotes or news with no giveaway that it should be taken like an Onion piece. If you've read our very own Afternoon Delight segment for the past 13 years that's obvious satire with reporters like Rondo Burgundy and other definitive tells.

So when I saw the above graphic, I had to look up The Game Day, which is a real website, a gambling one. And the fact that Paul Pierce retweeted a tweet with the graphic I suppose is enough reason to feel like this is legit. How many people were polled I don't know, and who were the people that were polled (was it balanced?), I don't know either, but from my experiences living in places other than just Boston in America and reading social media everyday the results don't surprise me.

The thing is people tend to "hate" either the goliaths aka the biggest market teams or winners. So a lot of the hate towards the Boston Celtics and their fans stems all the way back from the team's history of domination through 1986. While the past 37 years has only brought us one lonely banner, we've been in the mix for many of the past 15 seasons, so we're still a "winning team."

And unlike some cities where fans are either not all that passionate or only really pay attention when their teams are great, Celtics fans follow their team even through rebuilding seasons.

So wear this #1 spot with pride, Boston Celtics fans. And hopefully we win another title very soon, which will bring even more jealousy and hate our way.