Video: Breakdown how the loss of Marcus Smart will affect the Celtics offense

At first I thought this video was going to be about how great the addition of Kristaps Porzingis will be, but it was instead about the Celtics' addition by subtraction due to moving on from Marcus Smart. I've been so used to reading stats that say how great Marcus Smart is as a point guard by Celtics fans/bloggers/media, that it was pretty shocking to me to see Coach Nick more or less call Smart hot garbage on the offensive end.

According to Nick's stats, Smart was a horrible passer and decision maker and the Celtics transistion game suffered due to this. Nick also states how Smart was a turnover machine. Again, this contradicts the stuff I see from Celtics fans/bloggers/media almost completely. So which one is it? Well statistics can be used in ways often to argue different sides, so most likely, we're dealing with something in the middle. Like he's not nearly as bad as this breakdown makes him seem, but not nearly the asset either that the Green Teamers presented him as.

If anything this is a potential good sign that the Celtics might be a considerably more talented and functional offensive team in this coming season. I think Coach Nick goes overboard with his negativity, but this gives me hope that Derrick White and Malcolm Brogdob will be able to fill the void at the point.