Rob Williams showcasing new jumper this summer

It's the down time of the NBA calendar that comes between free agency and the start of training camp, so any type of Celtics news will get a buzz. Robert Williams' agent posted the following video and tagged the Boston Celtics as well as some of his biggest hype accounts, so the video has been viewed several hundred thousand times by now. In the video you can see Time Lord working on his jumper. So far in his five NBA seasons, Williams has scored the vast majority of his points right at the hoop, so people are excited about him stretching out his game.

I'd argue that the most important ability that Williams hasn't mastered isn't his jumper, but availability. He's averaged just under 42 games played a season for his career and that's the regular season. The playoffs have been much of the same if not a worse situation.

Also in today's modern NBA the mid range jumper is being used less and less. So yes if Williams can add this to his bag, it will help, and will bring out his defender a bit to help stretch the floor, but people comparing him to KG now is ridiculous. For one if KG played today, he'd extend his jumper to the 3-point range like all good shooting bigs. Now Williams will be only 26 when this coming season begins, so there is still time for him to extend his range to the 3-point stripe, but for now this added weapon won't have too much of an effect.

Time Lord staying healthy for the season and playoffs certainly would though. That elite defense that the Celtics displayed the second half of the 2021-22 season was partly due to Ime Udoka and DPOY Marcus Smart, but many also argued that Williams was the real game changer.